How to collect responses in minutes

How would you feel if someone asked you to talk to a bunch of trees! Well, trees are good and no less than angels, but how can you “talk” to trees? At most, you can speak to them but definitely not talk to them. It would be so much of an exercise testing mental (and physical) patience.


One-way communication is so boring and meaningless. You don’t get to know what other person is thinking about what you say. Hence, getting a response is essential to make a discussion and team effort, in general, fruitful.

Collect responses for market research

Not only in a discussion, but it’s also important in market research to understand what your target audience thinks. Surveys are a way to get in touch with the people and better know their choices, likes, dislikes, and experiences.

A survey generator can help you collect responses from a diverse set of people. It can automate the complete process of survey creation from design to analysis, all with the same software. Many tools also have the ability to integrate with other commonly used domain-specific applications in the industry.

How to use a survey generator to collect responses?

Believe it or not, you can get the survey up and running in less than 10 mins! If are trying out various tools and haven’t finalized anything yet, try out a free version. You can experiment with commonly used functionalities to see how it works.

It takes just 3 steps and you’ll be good to go.

1. Create a survey

You can create your own list of questions or use a ready-made template. A survey software offers a wide range of question types to choose from. Survey templates are prepared by seasoned professionals, and save time and effort. You can also customize the theme by changing the logo, background color, fonts, etc to resonate with your brand voice.

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Designing the survey is the key factor in collecting quality responses. It is important to phrase the questions such that they collect the right data.

For instance, if you are running a survey to get feedback on the website, instead of asking a simple yes/no question, provide respondents with an option of various aspects of the website.

collect survey responses

2. Distribute a survey

Distributing a survey through an online survey generator can be really quick and hassle-free. You can distribute through email, social media, SMS, QR code or embed in your website. To increase the open and completion rate, embed the first question of the survey in the invitation email.  This gives an idea to the respondent of what to expect in the survey. Clicking any answer option in the email should take the respondent to the rest of the survey.

Distribute survey

3. Analyze the results

Once you collect the responses from the audience, generate reports that will help you make better decisions. With instant survey generator, you can create reports like TURF Analysis, GAP Analysis, Trend Analysis, etc. You can also create filters based on demographics and drill down data further.


What makes survey result generators apt for enterprises is the ability to share reports. You can share the URL with team members or share responses on social media sites. Another reason enterprises go for survey software is it can integrate with various third-party tools. This significantly multiplies the usability of survey responses. For instance, you can visualize survey data in Tableau and see which department has the highest satisfaction score.

Creating a survey and collecting responses has become so easy that even a fifth-grader can operate it. The key is in phrasing the questions and selecting the target audience correctly. If you want our experts to help you collect responses to generate meaningful insights, get in touch with us today!