How to Get Customers to Review Your Business Online

Recommendations and referrals are the biggest influencers on whether or not someone is going to buy your product.  Here are just a few stats to prove the point:

  • 76% of consumers recommended companies they trust to a friend or colleague. (Source: Edelman) – See more at:
  • Positive Word of Mouth outpaces negative by a 6 to 1 ratio. (Source: Keller Fay TalkTrack*, 2009) – See more at:
  • 36% of US adults, age 18 and over, give advice about purchases. (Source: BIGresearch SIMM, December 15, 2009) – See more at:
  • 76% of Americans talk about brands in a typical day. An average of 10 brands are mentioned everyday and 70% of brand mentions include a recommendation. (Source: MediaVest Keller Fay Group Study, 2008) – See more at:
  • Worldwide, 80% of consumers recommend at least one brand. One average, each Brand Advocate recommends 4 brands. (Source: GfK Roper, 2006) (Note: this research was completed before the rise of social media.) – See more at:
  • 92% of consumers trust “recommendations from people I know.” Only 37% trust search engine ads, and just 24% trust online banner ads. (Source: Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, July 2009) – See more at:
  • There are 500 billion Word of Mouth impressions on the social web each year in the US. Each time a consumer posts content on the social web it reaches 150 people. (Source: Forrester, Peer Influence Analysis, April 2010) – See more at:

Now that you understand why it’s crucial to have a presence on these online social review sites. Let’s jump into the next most important activity — asking customers for reviews. Here are a few marketing tips to engage customers to leave you feedback.Young Businessman Pointing At You - Isolated

  • Use a QR code on your marketing materials that take customers to your review websites.

  • Give pre-printed postcards to customers asking them to leave a review at your website ( provides this as part of their services).

  • Always include a link to your online review webpages in your email newsletters and your email signature block.

  • Include a link to your review sites on your business’ Facebook page.

  • Include a link to your review sites on your business’ homepage.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make sure your business has a presence on these online social review sites. It may take a little extra time to set up your presence in the beginning. But you don’t want to be left out of the game in the future.