Increase customer survey participation rate with QuestionPro’s automated Email and SMS survey reminders

How to use QuestionPro’s Automated Reminder Emails & SMS to increase customer response rate

Increasing customer survey participation and completion rate can be a nightmare in some projects, especially if they are long-form survey instead of quick micro-surveys. While we have highlighted how you can increase survey completion rate by the right design techniques and using some hacks and tricks, QuestionPro features 2 powerful ways to increase your overall customer survey participation.

Survey Reminder SMS

SMS has over 80% opening rate vs emails which stands at about 22%. This, coupled with exponentially growing mobile internet users are alone incentives enough for businesses to use QuestionPro’s integrated SMS Survey Reminder for promotion.

Here, a reminder interval time is added and an SMS survey reminder template is set. The link of the online survey is embedded into the text. While in the past issues related to character limitations in SMS texts prevented several businesses from launching full-fledged mobile promotions, the rise in use of smartphones has washed these doubts away as broken SMS text deliveries do not occur in today’s handsets.

Combined with mobile internet connectivity, these factors play a major role in significantly increasing customer survey participation through SMS reminders.

Survey Reminder Email

While SMS customer outreach is gaining ground, Email still continues to be the most popular platform given that it costs businesses either nothing or very less in comparison. This is also the reason why small businesses rely heavily on Emails to send surveys and use the same automated platform integrated in QuestionPro as well. Survey links in Reminder Emails also have an advantage of being viewed either in mobile or desktop environments, something that SMS surveys clearly lack.

However, given QuestionPro’s mobile friendly design, this issue is nearly non-existent.

Using smart auto-termination links in survey reminders

QuestionPro has a unique “smart link” feature where if a survey link is sent both through SMS and Email, the link on the other gets automatically de-activated when the customer answers the survey using either of the two platforms. This single step prevents massive data redundancies through auto-termination of the links.