Multilingual data export: Download raw survey data in your native language

Businesses are leaping beyond domestic borders to expand their marketplaces. Ever than before, it has become crucial for businesses to understand their audience. Keeping communication channels open in their native language has become a priority. Moreover, researchers and businesses are feeling the pressing need for creating multilingual and international surveys for both internal and external circulation. After all, the data generated through multilingual surveys do make a profound impact on the bottom line. 

About Multilingual data export 

It does not matter whether you are creating a customer feedback survey or an employee engagement survey. QuestionPro has ensured that the entire process from creating a survey questionnaire to response management is seamless and easy. 

QuestionPro’s commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach places it at the forefront of technological change and emerging trends. This approach helped them to capitalize on new opportunities benefitting its users. Multilingual data export is one such update that takes multilingual surveys a step ahead in delivering beyond expectations.

What did we change? 

QuestionPro came up with an enhancement to ensure the raw survey data can be exported in any language of your choice. 

  • Language data filter: After you opt for data export, you are greeted with a ‘Raw Data Export’ popup. At the end of this section, you will see a new field ‘Language data filter’ with a dropdown box. The feature gives you the option to download raw multilingual survey data as per your choice. 

If you select ‘all’ then the entire survey data consisting of answers from given by respondents in multiple languages will be exported. Apart from ‘all’, the dropdown menu consists of different languages you have installed in your QuestionPro account. Select any one language and data of respondents who took the survey in your selected language will be exported. 

For example: If you choose ‘Spanish’, then the data consisting of respondents who took the survey Spanish will only be exported.

  • Display language: This is another enhanced feature and an option that you will see below Language data filter in ‘Raw Data Export’ popup. The purpose of this enhancement is to let users export data in their preferred language.

For example: In a multicultural and multiethnic organizational culture, it becomes obvious to conduct multilingual surveys. By exporting raw survey in multiple languages, it becomes easier to share the analytics and analyze the survey data based on demographics. 

How to use multilingual data export 

Now a researcher is not only able to create a multilingual survey but is also capable to create and export survey data in multiple languages. It will benefit a lot, as global researchers could apply filters, analyze the data, extract insights, and share results in their native language. 

Checking reports for multilingual surveys 

  • Login to your QuestionPro account  
  • Go to Surveys >> Analytics >> Dashboard 
  • Go to Display Text and select the language of your choice 
  • The data will appear in the selected language


Create data filters in your native language 

  • Login to your QuestionPro account 
  • Go to Surveys and select the multilingual survey you want to analyze 
  • Go to Analytics >> Analysis (drop-down menu) >> Data Segmentation   
  • You will be redirected to the Current Data Filters page 
  • Press the + New Data Filter button to set custom data filter 


  • A pop up appears asking you to ‘Set Data Filters’ 
  • Create a new data filter, 
  • Go to Language – Select your native language from the drop-down options 
  • Click the Save Filter button  
  • It will create a language-based data filter 
  • View or download the report in your native language using the ‘Reporttab available under the Report options 

Export raw multilingual survey data 

  • Go to Analytics >> Manage Data >> Export 
  • Under Output File Format  – select what type of file (.xls or .csv) you need 
  • Under Language Data Filter – either select all or select any one listed language
  • In Display Language – select the language in which you want to download the report 
  • Hit the Download button 


The linguistic expertise, multicultural resources, and technical know-how to create a customized multilingual survey, makes QuestionPro stand out from the crowd. Quality customer support and service is our topmost priority. We planned this update diligently, yet we strive for continuous improvement in all that we do.  

If you have any issues or concerns regarding the multilingual data export update you can contact our customer support team anytime at your convenience.