Survey User Experience Improvements with QuestionPro’s New Navigation

How many times have you had a great idea, an exciting opportunity, or a team strategy where you knew exactly what you wanted to do – but then realized that you didn’t seem to have the right set of tools or options to take that vision and translate it into reality? At QuestionPro, we pride ourselves in providing our clients and users with solutions and insights that cater to an extraordinarily wide variety of needs and use cases. However, in order to elucidate those insights – the right data set needs to be captured – which, of course, requires the right questions asked and the right survey sent.

We have improved out survey user experience by updating our navigation. Creating the right survey requires two primary areas of focus: the correct set of tools, and the ability to comprehend and use those tools on the part of the user. We’ve recently completed and are preparing to launch a vastly improved approach to our user interface inside the QuestionPro product.

Please note: This is an upcoming launch, so it will still be a little while before it appears in the product!


The Big Reveal

Now, when a user decides to edit or create a survey, we’ve taken the clarity and simplicity of the QuestionPro interface to an entirely new level. They’ll find a compact – yet precise – screen looking like:


Check it out! Now, everything you’d need for designing your survey comes with a visual component to assist you in locating and selecting an area of focus.

You might also notice that you’re able to more easily focus on what’s happening with the survey – rather than having large areas of focus that before remained static, we’ve taken those elements and repositioned them in a more subtle fashion – while still allowing them to remain discoverable and useful for users.

Streamlined Navigation


No longer will users be faced with appearing and disappearing menus and a myriad of options. In QuestionPro’s newly rethought approach, you’re completely aware of whatever menu section you might currently have selected – and then, you can conveniently select more detailed areas from dropdown submenus.

This avoids the need to constantly be opening and closing a giant dropdown menu, while increasing comprehension of context and the ability to simply scan the page.

Improving the Language

Whenever possible, we’ve thought carefully about the words selected for product areas and menu categories. Frequently, we’ve shortened or compacted terminology so as to convey meaning in a more succinct and communicative manner. Check out the new “Data Management” category below:

It’s on the Way!

This sweeping series of improvements should boost not only the survey user experience, but provide an amazing visual cogency to your experience using QuestionPro. It’s not here yet..but definitely coming soon, and we look forward to your success and enjoyment with this new advance!