Organize your questions better with survey blocks

What is a survey block?

Survey block is a group of questions within the survey. The blocks of questions make it easier to manage the survey questionnaire and save time.

Survey blocks simplify the way questions are ordered and presented to survey takers. They enable the survey creator to display a set of questions randomly. Survey blocks make the job of survey creators easier without displaying the block name to the respondents.

What’s new in QuestionPro surveys?

QuestionPro now lets survey creators create survey blocks in new surveys. You can rearrange a group of questions collectively instead of reordering it one by one. This feature is particularly useful in longer surveys and available to all users with a research edition license.

What are the options available for a block?

  • Preview: To preview a block of questions.
  • Reorder: To reorder blocks within a survey.
  • Question Randomization: To randomize the questions within a block.
  • Delete: To delete a block.

Example of survey blocks

Imagine you want to conduct a website usability survey for your website. You can group different questions based on categories such as design, navigation, content, payment, etc.

Example of survey block

How to create a survey block?

  • Login QuestionPro Surveys
  • Create a new survey. A survey block will be created automatically in the new survey. All questions will be added to this default block.
  • To create a new block, click on Add Block.

create survey block

Note: This feature will be available only in new surveys.

How to preview a survey block?

  • Click on the three dots at the tops of the survey block. Click on Preview.  
  • With this option, you can preview all questions in a specific block.

block of survey questions

How to reorder a survey block?

  • To reorder blocks within the survey, click on Reorder.

preview survey block

  • Drag and drop questions and click on Reorder Blocks.

Reorder block of questions

How to display questions randomly in a survey using block?

  • With this option, you can display questions randomly to different respondents. 
  • Click on Question Randomization

question randomization

  • Select questions under Current Display Order. Use top/down arrows or left/right arrows to change the order of the questions.
  • Click on Save.

randomization in survey blocks

Learn more: Question Randomization

How to delete a survey block?

  • Click on Delete.  

delete block of questions

How to divide a survey block into two?

You can split one block of survey questions into two. 

  • To split the block, click on Split Block at the bottom of the question from where you want to create a new block. It will divide the existing block into two blocks.

divide or split survey block

Note: Splitting a block will reset the question randomization within the block.

How to merge two survey blocks?

  • Merging two survey blocks will combine all the questions in those blocks.

Merge two survey blocks

Note: Merging two blocks will reset the question randomization within both the blocks.

How to rename a survey block?

  • Click on the block’s name and edit it. To expand and collapse survey blocks, click on the top-left icon.

Rename survey block

Block randomization

Data collection not only depends on the questions asked and their language but also on the order of the questions. And just as the order of the questions affect the data collected, the order of the pages also matter.

When you need a certain group of questions always presented together in a specific order, block randomization is used. You can present the survey blocks randomly every time a respondent answers the survey using block randomizer.

Block randomization allows you to tie together survey pages such that they never get broken up. Using block randomization, you can present high-level questions in the first block and follow-up questions in the second block. With such configuration, these blocks will always be displayed together, with block 1 displayed first followed by block 2.

How to set up block randomizer?

  • Go to your Survey. Click on Tools.
  • Click on Block Randomizer from the drop-down menu.

block randomization Click on Add Randomizer to add a section for the randomizer.

add block randomizer

  • Drag and drop the blocks in the section and select the number of blocks you want to randomly display to the respondents.
  • Click on Save.

Note: The order decided under block randomizer will be the default order of your survey.

How to hide a block while using block randomizer?

  • Go to Survey. Click on Tools.
  • Click on Block Randomizer.
  • In the pop-up, click on Add Randomizer.
  • Drag and drop the block(s) you want to hide.
  • Select “0” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Save.

hide survey block

How to reset block randomizer?

To reset the survey block randomizer, delete the randomizers added for that survey.

  • Go to Survey. Click on Tools.
  • Click on Block Randomizer.
  • Click on the Delete icon on the top-right position of the randomizer.

reset block randomizer

Survey blocks make the organization of questions really easy and simple. If you need any help with surveys or market research, please get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help!