Workforce Feature Update! People Analytics XO

Data is divisive because it can tell so many variations on one story. It can tell the pros, the cons, the negatives, the positives. You can twist and manipulate data a million ways. Writing the story that goes with that data requires special expertise and focus. A number of organizations are sitting on the gold mine that is data. The plight is they don’t even know it!

At QuestionPro Workforce, we’re all about creating survey tools and analytics that help organizations turn employee experience data (X) into operational excellence (O). And that’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest set of dashboard features – Analytics XO!

Analytics XO is your one-stop-shop for understanding what exactly your employees are experiencing at the behavioral level; and more importantly, how those experiences are affecting things like Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS), employee engagement, intent to stay, and willingness to put forth a discretionary effort.

If you’re using one of our proven models for employee experience surveys – Frameworks XO – you can now follow the ups and downs of employee experience across the entire lifecycle – from recruitment to exit. Monitor benchmarks and trends over time; and filter the results based on any demographic you’ve incorporated into your employee roster (we offer unlimited custom fields).

The most effective workforce analytics are those that give you insights to not only what’s happening, but more importantly to why it’s happening.

It’s more than numbers on a page. It’s your culture, your workplace, your workforce…your company.

Analytics XO

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Interested in digging a little deeper? Great…because Workforce Analytics XO is live now! To learn more about using it to turn your employee experience data into operational excellence: Contact Us!

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