QuestionPro – Selected as the Best SurveyMonkey Alternative by Praiseworthy!


Evolution has always had its way of “re-ordering” the food chain. Anything that doesn’t evolve with the needs of the time, goes extinct – slowly but steadily.

The same applies to technology platforms that were once great but degraded over time due to a lack of change and flexibility. When platforms and software refuse to incorporate changes that customers need – another player step in, makes that effort, and gives customers exactly what they have been asking for. Soon, the “legacy” software that once considered itself to be “too big to fail”, crumbles!

According to Praiseworthy, a leading provider of feedback software that integrated seamlessly with your sales and support software tools, has selected QuestionPro as the #1 SurveyMonkey alternative!

QuestionPro has been a pioneer in survey software – but what makes us unique is not how long we have been in the market, but the fact that we never stopped “listening and learning” from our own customers and being “flexible”! The idea is simple – if our software is the best at enabling our customers in taking valuable feedback and gaining critical market insight, then we too need to do the same for our customers.

This is precisely how we always stay ahead – by listening to what our own customers have to say about our platform and how we can improve by incorporating customer feedback.

We Will Never Stop Listening to You!

Today, QuestionPro is one of the very few platforms that provides categorized tools and software for specific survey “purposes” – such as CX for customer experience feedback surveys, Workforce for employee feedback surveys, Assessments for supplier/vendor management feedback portals, and so on.

Moreover, we never forget that great features alone don’t make for great software, it must also be “stable”. While every software has issues – we have taken a “deterministic” approach towards this by launching an internal project called Project Zero. This is geared towards having and maintaining an “ideal” platform that returns “zero” product errors. Those qualities help QuestionPro to be a great alternative to SurveyMonkey.

If you are a QuestionPro user, invariant of whether your license is Essentials or Advanced Edition, we want you to know – “We will Never Stop Listening to you. Thank you for continuing to help us create the best survey software!”