QuestionPro Communities: 2016 Wrap Up, 2017 Update

As 2017 is getting started, I think it’s good to pause and reflect on what happened in 2016. Take some time to think about and recap the new features and functionality that were released last year by QuestionPro Communities. Also, thinking about some of the key blog post that we’re both insightful and popular with readers.

As we move into 2017, QuestionPro Communities is still committed to innovation and continuing to push the envelope. We’ll continue to add new features and updates that will help your communities thrive. We will always be innovative with the product while keeping the core of the communities platform running strong.

Now let’s get into it….

3 of my favorite blog posts from last year:

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Top 3 Reasons to Have a Community Member Portal


5 key features that were released last year:

New landing page and portal design – This was was released in Q1. In addition to the new look and feel, there is increased functionality as well – polls, activity stream, welcome message/announcement, etc.

Idea Board – This is our ideation module that is truly a game changer when it comes to getting feedback from your community. You can get answers to question you never thought to ask.

Community Admin Dashboard: This new dashboard will be the first thing admins see when they log into their account. It will give a high level overview of the number of members (both old and new), the status of the latest survey invites, new topics and ideas posted, etc.

Engagement Meter – Engagement is the key to any successful community. We have a new tool to help drive engagement. The engagement meter focuses on gamification to entice your members to want to do more in the community whether it’s completing their profile, taking a survey, or posting a new topic. This is a game changer.

Social Listening – This feature allows companies to engage in meaningful ways with their customers/followers on Twitter. With this feature, users can tweet at a specific handle using predefined hashtags like #Ideas or #Feedback in the tweet. Then when the Twitter handle and specific hashtags are used, this idea, feedback, or insight is then created as a new idea on the Idea Board.

Final thoughts:

QuestionPro Communities will continue to innovate new features and will also enhance current functionality in the platform. Our goal is to delight both community members and our clients as well. We’re proud to offer easy to use yet sophisticated tools.

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