How QuestionPro is empowering startups with free online survey software

A startup is born out of a game-changing idea. True, it is. But an idea is not enough to ensure the success of a startup. What it needs is brilliant execution. 

However, how do you ensure that execution is in the right direction? How do you increase the probability of your success? The answer is with data.

Market research helps you with data to base your decisions. You can learn more about your target audience’s preferences, opinions and expectations. It gives you the assurance and confidence that you are moving in the right direction.

Launching a product or service without having it backed by data is like shooting in the dark. Not conducting research is one of the biggest reasons behind the failure of a startup.

How QuestionPro can help startups?

Many startups do not have access to the right data and quality insights. They rely on outdated methods which kill a great idea. QuestionPro’s startup program aims to solve this problem for new age entrepreneurs and teams with tools that support them in their endeavors.

QuestionPro is offering our advanced research software license, which normally costs $5,000 per year, for free to up to 1,000 qualified startups. We are partnering with incubators and accelerators around the world to identify startups who can avail the benefit of comprehensive market research and meaningful insights.


  1. Startup is less than 36 months old
  2. Raised less than $10 million USD
  3. Incorporated and have a domain name

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Create online communities, focus groups and send surveys to collect quantitative and qualitative data for continuous discovery. Improve your relationship with the customers, identify key drivers behind their needs and experience, and enhance the sales process.

Here’s what one of our startup user has to say about us.

The reality is that quality insights from research is usually out of reach for most startups,” said Ryan Hoover, Operations Manager at Cleantech Open West. “This results in increased trial and error which delays innovation and its associated benefits. QuestionPro’s startup program will solve this for so many entrepreneurs and teams – we can’t wait to see what comes from it.” 

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How can startups create surveys using QuestionPro?

Well, it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Create a questionnaire. Simply drag and drop question types and update the text and answer choices. Customize the flow with 10+ survey logic types so that your respondents see only relevant questions and options.

    Don’t want to create a questionnaire? No problem! Choose from 350+ free survey templates that can be fully customized. You can also customize the look and feel of your survey with logo, header, footer, fonts and more.
  2. Distribute a survey. Import contacts and send your survey through email, website, social media, offline mobile app or QR code.
  3. Analyze data. Generate reports and share with the stakeholders. You can also automate it and have it delivered in your inbox. Integrate with other apps for a multi-dimensional view of data.

How can startups use survey data?

  • Analyze market sentiment: Startup businesses can gauge the market sentiment with advanced survey data analytics like sentiment analysis, heatmap analysis, conjoint analysis, text analytics, and more.
  • Product/service design: Find out what are the expectations of your target audience from a potential solution. Based on the responses, map the survey data to your idea and know if your product or service and solve the problem for millions. Market research will help you create a product roadmap and choose what features should be released first.
  • Market segmentation: Learn more about the various choices of your potential customers based on the demographics. See if you can tailor your offerings to suit their requirements.
  • Pricing analysis: A great product or service can fail if it isn’t priced right. Find out what is the price your customers would be willing to pay. Run reports like maxdiff analysis, Van Westendorp price sensitivity, conjoint analysis and others to find the right price for your services.
  • Competitor analysis: Stay ahead of your competition by gauging the experience of their users and find out what they don’t like about your competitors. Build products to solve their existing problems and offer a better experience.

The responses to a question like “Are you satisfied with your current service provider?” can help analyze how many people are likely to switch to a better option. Questions like “What areas would you like your current service provider to improve on?” can find out customer pain points and help you address the gap with your services..

Enroll in QuestionPro for Startups program for free

Why should startups use QuestionPro survey software?

New companies often struggle to be successful. We are here to make your journey easy and help you create products that offer the best experience to your customers. 

  1. Data forms the core of everything: Make informed decisions with the data you can rely on. Consult specialists and gain insights with in-depth interviews.
  2. It’s free: Given that most startups have fund crunches, we are proud to have provided our software to them for free and see them grow into successful businesses.
  3. Tons of free learning resources: We offer self-help documentation, free online training, webinars and ready made templates to get you started.
  4. Data security and compliance: Our products comply with industry standard data protection laws like GDPR, HIPAA, ISO: 27001, SOC2 and many others. We value your data and ensure its security to the most stringent level.
  5. Integration with third-party apps: You can integrate QuestionPro products with other business applications like CRM, marketing automation tools and data visualization tools. It lets you have a wider view of your data and customer behavior.


Every single startup that we empower with online survey software is an inspirational reference point for us when we are told about the difference we have made in their marketing initiatives which are now based on concrete data from online surveys with the help of in-built and insightful data analytics.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions. Fill up the form below to enroll in our QuestionPro for Startups program.

Enroll in QuestionPro for Startups program for free