How QuestionPro partnered with Myntra to raise the bar on e-commerce customer experience using survey software in India

How QuestionPro partnered with Myntra to raise the bar on e-commerce customer experience using survey software in India

If Flipkart is for electronic gadgets then its acquired sister firm – Myntra, is for everything required for a classic urban living. Even though it’s been 2 years since Myntra was bought by Flipkart, it has maintained its individual brand presence and marketing.

In an ever-changing, dynamic and growing e-commerce sector, the industry giant Myntra chose QuestionPro as its partner to conduct insightful online surveys to power its journey into uncovering unchartered territories of online consumer behaviour.

Partnership with Myntra : 2015 to Present……

Since our partnership began over a year back in early 2015, Myntra has used our platform to create detailed customer surveys and quick feedback using self-braded surveys and fully customizable templates.

One of the biggest successes that Myntra has had using QuestionPro’s survey software is where micro surveys allows them to gather quick customer feedback on various stages of a customer’s shopping experience. This allows them to get some unique insights into shopping cart abandonment, where customers leave their site and how to take corrective data-oriented measures that give real results.

Surveys that tell customers – “It’s about you”

But Myntra’s customer outreach using surveys are not just about gathering data, it’s about giving them a voice to opinion their experience and bringing about real changes in the platform that makes it more convenient for them to shop.

Myntra is also one of the brands which cultivates a fierce brand following and loyalty because of their dedication to customer service which reflects in the pro-active nature of their surveys. This allows them echo a clear message even to first time shoppers – “It’s about you”.

QuestionPro’s intergrated survey solution allows Myntra to ask their customers the right question at the right moment – How their shopping experience was and how they can help them better.

This messaging does wonders for their brand image and continues to help foster stronger customer-brand relationship and cultivate even greater loyalty among their shoppers.

The insights platform

It is success stories like these that continues to inspire innovative companies like QuestionPro to make our platform better, more comprehensive and more insightful. Data gathering using surveys is just the first step – The real work is in breaking down and analysing the complex data and generating simplified visualizations that makes it executives across an organization to understand and implement the insights.

This is precisely what QuestionProThe Insights Platform, enabled them to do!