Should You Give Incentives for Surveys?

I received an envelope in the mail the other day.  It was rather hefty. Inside the envelope was — get this — a HUGE paper survey and $5.  What do you think I did?

I put the $5 in my pocket and I tossed the giant survey.  I figured, at my hourly rate, that $5 paid for my “processing” the paperwork.  But this brought to mind the idea of incentives.  Do they work?  Will inserting some kind of gift card or money increase your response rate?

The research says…..YES

Just recently there was a terrific article in the Greenbook Blog about incentives.

Results were consistent across all demographic categories: age, gender, income and geography in roughly proportionate numbers to the aggregate, meaning that across the board Visa or Store Gift cards are almost twice as appealing as any other reward system.

That said — you’ll definitely want to think about using incentives in your next survey.  And now, QuestionPro has made it really easy to do just that.

Give Away Amazon Gift Cards with QuestionPro!

There are a number of options available with this feature – you can set up qualifying criteria i.e. anyone who fills out the survey, as well as letting QuestionPro choose a random winner from the completed responses for more higher value gift cards, and much more!

Overall, this makes your QuestionPro even more powerful and your respondents a whole lot happier and more likely to respond.

Ready to learn more?

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AND see it in action as we will use the new feature to give away a $100 gift card!

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