Use Skip Survey Logic to Find High Value Customers

Use Skip Survey Logic to Find High Value CustomersIf you’re still thinking that all you can use surveys for is collecting feedback — then you are missing out on a HUGE sales opportunity. This was a revelation to me, and when I realized it — it was a whack-on-the-side-of-the-head moment. You can actually use skip survey logic amongst other survey logic types, to help you not only sell to more customers but to identify your BEST customers; those who are most likely to say YES to your offer.

How to identify best customers with skip survey logic

The first step in identifying who your best customers are is by doing some initial planning and strategizing. The easiest way to identify your highest value customers is to use the products or services that they are purchasing from you.

You’re going to rank your products and services in order of profitability. Then assign each of those products a weight. You can use any weight you want — I generally stick to the standard 1-10 scale; 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. So, if a product or service is one that is costing you money and a loss leader, give it a weight of 1 and if it’s a product or service that is super profitable, give it a weight of 10.

Next, you can send out a simple survey using skip survey logic to the customers that recently purchased from you. Here is a simple guide to adding online survey logic. Remember to keep it short and simple, after all, your goal is to only segment these customers into “high value” and “low value” customers. Once they are segmented, you’ll be able to create marketing campaigns that will keep your high-value customers satisfied and loyal and MOVE those low-value customers into higher profitable products.

Questions to use in your simple and smart survey

This is such a short and simple survey, you’re going to be able to run it using skip survey logic in just minutes.

Structure it something like this:

Which product did you purchase from us today? (include a list of product and service categories — and make sure that each of those answers has the designated weight attached to it)

The cool sales strategy step you don’t want to miss

Once they’ve answered this question, the system will tabulate their weighted response and you can use the skip logic survey function to send them to the next follow up question, thank you page with a link or the terminate page.

For example; if they just purchased a “low value” product, you can send them to a follow-up question and find out what other products they might be interested in. And, if they purchased a high-value product, you can send them to a page where they can leave a testimonial or share their experience with their friends or even download a special value-added free gift that will help them better use their product.

YES! This can run on AUTOPILOT

Once you’ve set this system up, you can literally have it run on autopilot by including the link to this survey on their receipt or in a welcome email — so that every new customer that purchases from you gets tagged and bagged :-)

Happy Profit Building!