Software and System Upgrades 3/24

As usual we’ve been busy with a lot of upgrades and enhancements : Here is a list of upgrade that have gone out over the last week:


  • Download to SPSS (.SAV) file format enhanced to adjust for invalid variable names and open-ended text comments.
  • QuestionPro Webinars are in full swing :


  • Ability to Delete Attachments from an Idea (by the moderator)



Upcoming Changes:


Some of the biggest changes we are contemplating are along the lines of our Non-Profit Waiver Program, The Student Research Sponsorship as well as the  University Sponsorship program. So far all these initiatives have been tremendously successful for both us and the participants. Our current policy is to give these away for a 1 year term and then extend/renew them every year. We are contemplating increasing the term on these licenses to a 3yr or even a 5yr term. We all know how difficult it is for students – just to make it easier for all of us – I know I saved every penny for tuition (and then beers.)

Here are some great emails from a couple of PhD candidates :

As a researcher in Psychology, I use QuestionPro over other on-line survey design software systems such as Survey Monkey because of the simplicity of the features and range of options QuesitonPro provides for survey design and data collection. QuestionPro provides advanced survey design options, such as the side-by-side matrix response format, that no other on-line survey design websites provide. QuestionPro.s advanced software allows me to create surveys on-line that simplify the response process for participants, and in return boosts my response rate and ability to collect more accurate data. QuestionPro is also much easier to work with than other on-line survey websites because they list a contact phone number and attempt to tailor their web-based services to my research needs!


Rob Durr
Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology PhD Program, University of Denver

I’ve been administering questionnaires online as part of my research activities in my PhD studies, since 2006. I am exceedingly pleased with the ease of use of QuestionPro’s user-friendly interface, and their high quality customer service. The pilot survey for my dissertation is rather long, and I’d like to give the respondents
the opportunity to Save and Continue the survey at a later date. I know that will improve my response rate. I evaluated the same service on SurveyMonkey to which I also have access, and compared it to that of QuestionPro. QuestionPro’s approach is far easier to work with, especially if the questionnaire is being sent to a group mailing list. A big thumbs up, from a busy student!

Andrea Roofe

PhD Candidate, Florida International University