New Feature: Take Advantage of Survey Delivery via SMS!

The most engaged employees are an organization’s largest contributors. If you want engaged employees, you need to know what engages them. If you want to know what engages them, you need data…preferably lots of it. And if you need data, we think (admittedly, we’re biased) surveys are the best way to get it.

Everyone can put a survey together, but not everyone can execute a survey in the right way. For instance, we find many organizations don’t pay any attention to statistical significance. What they end up with is an incomplete data set that doesn’t tell the entire story, cannot be relied upon, and might even be misleading.

The higher your response rate, the higher the statistical significance. Increasingly, we’re learning that one of the best ways to heighten that rate is to reach out to your audience through multiple channels. The newest, hottest, best channel? Text…of course!

Close to 70% of the world’s population has access to mobile phones. 5 billion people have those devices in their hands, on their hips, in their pockets and their purses throughout the day. 80% of North Americans text every day. 90% of people read their text messages within the first 3 minutes of having received them. There is no way we can say the same for emails. No. Way.

Anecdotal sidebar: my kids refuse to use email – they think it’s the most archaic thing on the planet.

Yep, you guessed it. You can now send our Workforce surveys (invitations and reminder messages) via SMS. Once your employees receive the invitation, they can respond to the survey anywhere, anytime…as long as they have a cell phone.  surveys Just follow these simple steps to set up survey delivery via SMS

1. Add phone numbers to the employee roster.

Survey delivery via sms
2. Create your employee survey via our Workforce platform. Once you are ready to send it, go to Send >> Compose

survey delivery via sms

  • Turn on SMS toggle
  • Enter the email address of the recipients you wish to send the invitation
  • Select the SMS survey template
  • Click on send

This feature is live for all our Workforce product users.

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