What’s Coming Up in April 2022?

To advance the world of experience and surveys, we are continuously working on creating the best-in-class products. Below are some of the enhancements we are working on and will be released for our users in April.

Plan your research with these features and collect better insights to make smarter decisions.

Research & Insights

Text Highlighter: We are adding a new feature that allows you to display and collect feedback on a piece of text. Feedback can be collected in the form of rating (like/dislike) as well as text comments and analyzed easily on a heatmap and with sentiment analysis.
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Product switcher: We are decluttering the product switcher making it easy to view and switch products easily.

Reply-To Email address: We are adding a new feature to receive the replies on the survey invite to a different email address rather than the one from which the email is from.


Report options – Accessibility and Approvals: We are adding the ability for managers to control the subject’s report approvals from the portal. Managers, admins, and subjects can access the reports and check the approvals seamlessly when they login to their respective portal logins.

Manager Nomination options on the portal: We are adding a button under nominations to set up and view the nominations of the direct reports and the manager separately when the managers log into the portal.

Download Report PDF on the EX portal: We are adding an option on the EX manager portal to download a PDF report of the data generated under scorecards, text reports, driver analysis, and the dashboard.


Smart Reminders – Filters for reminders: We will allow the community administrator to filter reminders. Existing filters available in the community can be used or they could create a new filter under-sampling and use it for filtering reminders.

GeoTagging – Blocking or allowing sign-ups from selected countries: We will provide an ability for the community administrator to allow community sign-ups only from the selected countries, people from all the other regions that are not selected by the administrator will not be allowed to sign-up for the community.

Viewer Mode for video discussions: We are adding a new feature that will provide the administrator an option to invite viewers into the video discussion. These viewers will not be a part of the discussion but will be able to listen in and chat with the administrator using a dedicated backroom chat, to guide the direction of the discussion.


Filtering name updates and Provision for hiding a few global filters: We are providing a committed section to a user where they can either rename the global filters as indicated by the terminology utilized in their organizations or they can also hide the global filters if their organization doesn’t use them.
PS: These changes will only be reflected on the Dashboard Portal.

Other bug fixes and enhancements


  • SA-9768: Fixing issue with bulk editing flex matrix question types.
  • SA-9780: Updating zip (postal) code database for reference data question type.
  • SA-9534: Fixing URL encoding for chained surveys to allow multilingual characters.
  • SA-9775: Smiley rating question smiley order incorrect in individual response notifications.
  • MR-639: Added currency input format support for commas as decimal separators.
  • MR-559: NA and other options support locked extraction.


  • CM-2719: We will fix the issue with filters not working as expected on polls.
  • CM-2724: We will fix the issue by displaying a few German characters on the documents.
  • CM-2718: Resolution of the issue with community survey mapping for zipcode question type.
  • CM-2715: We will fix the issue with the export of topics, deleted comments also show up in the export as active comments.


  • WF-2530: The option to add Column choices in bulk is added for the 360 surveys.
  • WF-2569: Change the relationship icon placement in the reports.
  • WF-2701: Added a change in nomination dropdown to not show self-name.
  • WF-2662: New UI for login process enhancements.
  • WF-2612: Added sent email log for emails triggered from the portal and admin.
  • WF-2583: Resolution of issues with skip/hide logic branching for Thank you page takes the user to the blank page.
  • WF-2689: Added an option for setting subcriteria in the filters to create the automated reports and send the PDF to subjects and their managers.


  • CX-2151: Fixing the issue where data is missing in the custom variable fields across multiple feedbacks. 
  • CX-2171: Fixing the issue where users were unable to download the rewards logs. 
  • CX-2132: Fixing the CX API as it is currently not fetching the data with respect to the time zone configured in the account.
  • CX-2114: Fixing the issue where there was a discrepancy between the bounced email counts on the disposition screen and the downloaded report. 

We’re as excited as you are to see how our products offer a better experience to your respondents, customers, and employees!

As always, we’d love to hear your experiences and suggestions at feedback@questionpro.com.