What’s Coming Up in June 2021?

Keeping in mind the nature of the ever-evolving world of research, we keep designing and innovating our products that cater to the needs of a researcher.

After releasing many new features and enhancements in May 2021, we have a new lot coming in this month!

Here’s a list of updates you can expect in June that would help you plan your research.

Research & Insights

508 Accessibility Theme: You will soon have the ability to choose a 508 theme for your survey, which will be Section 508 compliant.

ARIA Labels: Surveys will soon have ARIA labels to improve accessibility.

Thumbnail images on Dashboards: We will be displaying a thumbnail image on the dashboard if an image is used as an answer option, making it easier to view & analyze the data on the dashboard.

Locked Extraction: We will add an option to lock the extracted question to the source question while setting up extraction logic. If this option is enabled while setting up logic, the extraction question will be locked to the source question. Changing the answer options in the source question will also reflect in the extracted question.

Merge data 2.0: Merging data from two surveys with a similar structure will be a lot easier now. You can also choose to merge data from multiple surveys into one or export the data.

Customer Experience

Workflow Prioritization: There will be an option to prioritize the workflow rules. You will be able to drag and reorder the rules. This way you can set the order in which the rules are executed.

Segments Tree View: Segments will be displayed in a vertical tree view making it easier to understand the relationship between different segments.


Priority Model – 360 surveys: It gives admins the option to convert a section into a priority model in a 360 survey. The priority model will allow evaluators to rank the behaviors based on the priority. It provides suggestions through open-ended questions as well.

Other bug fixes and enhancements

SA-8927 – The logo cannot be changed for non-primary languages in a multilingual survey.
SA-8893 – ‘Not answered’ condition for criteria is not working for show/hide logic.
SA-8889 – Data sync is failing when using a CSV file.
SA-8985 – Filters are not saved with the name, but are getting saved as undefined.
MR-503 – SPSS files are not downloading due to a numeric data validation issue.

We’re as excited as you are to see how these new features and enhancements advance the experience of your respondents, customers, and employees!

As always, we’d love to hear your experiences and suggestions at feedback@questionpro.com