Why customer experience feedback surveys are the best form of digital customer outreach in India

Why customer experience feedback surveys are the best form of digital customer outreach in India_without text

Customer outreach programs are quickly digitizing themselves. From fancy Facebook posts to relentless Tweeting, companies across India, both B2B and B2C, are competing to have the most engaging and wide-range customer outreach programs using digital platforms.

However, while trends show that digital customer outreach is indeed the future of customer loyalty and retention; it is the new, innovative and unconventional digital platforms that have many industry experts gasping for breath.

One such platform is that of customer experience feedback surveys.

Companies like QuestionPro that allow free basic signups to create online surveys using their Customer Experience platform are one of the key industry drivers in this segment. Given the use of Freemium model, where basic survey creation is completely without cost while also having paid models for advanced features and team editions, this model has transformed the way boot-strapped entrepreneurs and small businesses reach out to their customers.

Even large companies such as Microsoft, Myntra, Deloitte and several more use this platform to ask what their customers, whether businesses or individual buyers, think about their experience using their product or service.

There are essentially 3 major accomplishments here :

1.) Businesses get valuable customer feedback on new products that are yet to reach their full maturity or old products that need some new upgrades to bring about innovative and radical changes.

2.) Customers get a sense of personalization when they get to opinion their true views about their experience.

3.) Customers are a lot more likely to remain loyal when they get a real sense of care form their seller.

Furthermore, online customer experience survey tools allow businesses to run cost effective market research using existing customers as their sample group. This is attributed to the fact that not only do platforms like Customer Experience allow online survey creation, sending and receiving, they also provide comprehensive and powerful data insights on the basis of responses collected.

Typically the above step would involve pouring in millions for hiring data analyst and signing up for expensive analytical tools. In case of survey softwares however, it is an already available parcel of the survey package which costs nothing or barely a fraction.

Customer outreach has always been a tricky business and very few methodologies have proven to be as effective and insightful as using online survey software tools to do the job. With the rapid rise of smartphones, mobile internet and 360 degree digitization of India, online customer feedback surveys will play an even greater role in helping businesses reach out to their customers in a way that enables them to receive amazing insights as well.