Workforce Feedback – Powerful Insights for Driving Your Business

Today, we asked 5 questions to QuestionPro CEO – Vivek Bhaskaran. Here are his insights on feedback management, workforce feedback and the vision of QustionPro.

How has the online feedback evolved?

Workforce Feedback - A Powerful Tool for Driving Your BusinessWe believe that the feedback management space has come a long way and evolved into its own. Organizations have made “two-way and multiple vector” communication a part of their strategy, as nobody can overlook the importance of feedback in their business decisions. Companies are looking for customer feedback, workforce feedback, industry insights, you name it. As the process of gathering feedback gets more tied to direct outcomes and ROI, the better QuestionPro does and the services we offer are being sought after more and more.

What are some of the new areas that feedback management has delved into?

Workforce Feedback is now being recognized as a potential business driver. We are seeing a huge interest in workforce feedback-as-business-driver and we are experiencing  growing demand for our workforce feedback tool as more people recognize the reasons why companies need an employee analytics tool. QuestionPro Workforce Feedback tool and service have grown exponentially over the last 12 months. It is not a secret that communication is key, and Management is realizing how it can impact their bottom line. It is exciting and inspiring to enable both parties, management and employees to powerful communication with our workforce feedback tool.

Does what you say apply to Indian organizations as much as it does to global organizations?

Absolutely. In fact, QP has been built and grown internationally on the basis of the notion that all companies – whether in small countries of large, emerging verticals or established ones, developed areas or developing spaces, need the same kind of tools. We live in a world in which the rules for one should be the rules that apply for all. While this might be honored more often in the breach, it doesn’t change our philosophy one iota.

Do you see your firm as a global company?

We definitely are a global company and we fit the criteria in many ways – customer base, partner base, and employee base. Our vision has always been built combining the best management principles, where ever we are present. Much of our India operations we have consolidated in Pune, but we form friendships and partnerships all over the country. We are growing fast in Europe while US remains a large source of people, customers, ideas. We are entirely self-funded and thus have no “outside” influence in our decision-making process.

You recently combined your two companies – Survey Analytics and QuestionPro into one. What prompted this?

We saw an opportunity and seized it in order to continue our growth. From your company’s workforce to your partners to your current customers to your potential business associates, we want to enable organizations to connect with, learn from, and grow with any and all other relevant parties. We believe that with one brand and one view of the opportunity we can flourish and our customers and partners will flourish as well.