5 signs that indicate your business needs to conduct customer experience surveys

5 signs that indicate your business needs to conduct customer experience surveys

Doctors say prevention is better than cure. In the business world have our own version of that when we say “Data-oriented planning is better than reckless speculation”.

But more often or not we see business across the spectrum struggling to understand the real causes behind unsatisfactory sales figures, speculating on negative customer reviews and basing their solution on mere guesses of what the problem might be.

A customer experience survey may or may not be the right solution for you, but here is a list of business indicators which show that a survey software is indeed the best way to identify, solve and further prevent these problems:

1.) Loss of customers to competition

So by now you know what’s happening. Your recent reports showed that it’s not that your customers don’t need a product type like yours, they have instead decided to move on to your competitor. If only you had asked your customers for a product review sooner, may be you could have just identified their expectation and come up with something remarkable to meet that standard. A small amount of resource spent on asking the right questions and getting the real insights is a much better business decision than losing a customer simply because you did not ask.

2.) Dipping sales numbers

So your employees, collegues and friends tell you that your product is the best, but your sales figure says something very different. The numbers simply don’t match up and remember – Number truly don’t lie. This is when you need to ask customer survey questions that matter – Have you heard about my product lately? If so, why would you prefer not to buy it? Help us understand so we can make it better! This is the approach of winners.

3.) Speculative approach to product or service launch

Your company has been doing rather well with their current line of products or services and now you and your team are deciding on a new product or service and how it might do in the market or how an existing product will do in a new market, but no one really has answers compelling enough. Its all speculation based on data gathered from shadowy sources from 2 years back and you can’t possibly predict a market based on that. Our recommended solution – Stop guessing, get your survey software and ask customers or potential customers what they think of your idea.

4.) Low social media engagement

We recently explained in an article on how social media engagement can be increased by integrating survey questions. The same solution applies here. Any real social media marketing expert will tell you that “engaging questions” are the best posts to get your customer base involved on social media platforms. On one hand your customers get the much expected engagement and you get the much needed feedback.

5.) Negative customer reviews

Sometimes things can be worse. Since you did not ask your customers how their experience using your product or service has been going, they resorted to 3rd party platforms to express it. You may now have an unflattering review on an offline or online platforms up for viewing. This is not just bad because you may not get repeat business from that customer, but also because these actions have a ripple effect on others that will prevent them to buying or dropping usage of your product or service. It is much better to take periodic reviews from customers yourself using honest and engaging customer feedback surveys that show that your firm is up for taking their views seriously and improve.