Bad customer experience: How to Avoid it + Free Examples

Bad Customer Experience can have a long-term impact on customer loyalty and revenue. What are the consequences? The consequences are that 39% of customers will avoid a company for two years.

Every year, businesses lose $62 billion due to poor customer service. Poor customer service is driving customers away. On the other hand, companies that have customer retention strategies in place are winning.

Table of Content

  1. What is a Bad Customer Experience?
  2. How to Avoid Bad Customer Experience?
    1. Taking note of customer feedback
    2. Paying attention to your customers
    3. Stop promising too much and failing to deliver
    4. Customers must not be suffocated
    5. Employee confidence-building training
    6. Having an appropriate user interface
    7. Following a customer-centric culture
    8. Taking a proactive stance
    9. Avoid making it difficult to contact you
    10. Respond to your customers as soon as possible.
  3. Conclusion

What is a Bad Customer Experience?

When a company fails to meet the expectations of its customers, this is called a bad customer experience. It could be service quality, response time, or overall customer satisfaction.

Poor customer service not only destroys existing customer relationships. It also puts at risk future prospects. It can harm your company’s bottom line. According to a survey, “58 percent of clients choose to switch organizations due to poor customer service.”

How to Avoid a Bad Customer Experience

Here are some steps you can take to avoid poor customer experience in your organization:

1. Taking note of customer feedback

Failure to act on customer feedback can have a negative impact on the growth of your company. If you receive customer feedback but do nothing with it, you pass up an opportunity to improve customer experience. You’ll also be unable to see where you need to improve.

Customer feedback and responses are important to any company’s success. It helps you change your products and services to meet your customers’ needs better.

What should you do about a bad customer experience?

You must collect and analyze feedback before acting positively on it. Here are some of the reasons why customer feedback is essential for your business.

  • Increase your customer base through word-of-mouth.
  • It shows the importance of customer feedback.

2. Paying attention to your customers

It is important to listen to your customers. It helps in developing a good relationship with them. For example, when you’re in a meeting with a customer, you must pay attention to what they’re saying and react accordingly.

One of the biggest mistakes organizations often make is failing to listen to their customers. It can have the following effects, which are unrecoverable in some cases:

  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Business loss
  • Follow up

Another major thing is to make each customer feel like the most important client of your company. The company should not overlook that. One way to show concern is to always follow up on customer concerns. This allows you to learn about your customers’ service preferences.

Moreover, take the necessary steps to improve and satisfy them. Delayed or ignored emails point out that the customer is unimportant to you. The best way to follow up is to send your customer an email or a survey and ask for feedback. This will differentiate your customer service. Also, allow you to communicate with them in the future.

3. Stop promising too much and failing to deliver

Some organizations over-promise in order to gain clients. After that, they fail to fulfill their promises. This can be harmful to the organization. Overpromising and failing to deliver harms small businesses and huge businesses’ reputations.

As a result, don’t over-promise any client. Make sure you meet deadlines in order to deliver the finest customer experience. It’s always preferable to under-promise and over-deliver because this will turn your customers into brand ambassadors for your business.

4. Customers must not be suffocated

It’s important to show your gratitude to your customers. However, you must not bother them with your efforts. Don’t confuse them with information unless they directly ask for it. Keep in mind that frequent phone calls bother clients, so keep them to a minimum.

5. Employee confidence-building training

Every employee must receive proper training to provide the best customer experience. For example, if a customer inquires about your product, not every employee of your company will have an immediate response. Instead of saying I’m not sure, tell them you’ll get back to them after a quick search.

Customers should not get the impression that enough training was not provided. Every employee in a company should be confident when interacting with customers.

6. Having an appropriate user interface

A website is a basic requirement for any business, large or small, in the digital world. One major factor that makes a website important for any business is increased visibility.

Even if people have heard of your company, they will conduct a quick online search to get to know you better. Another important reason for having a website is to represent your company and provide credibility. It’s important to be aware of customer’s comments and bad Google reviews.

As a result, if you don’t have a website, you’re possibly losing customers. So, having a website is important for any company. It is important to attract customers by designing a user interface website. The website should include a clear call to action, such as contact, addresses, and phone numbers. The more professional your website, the greater your advantage.

7. Following a customer-centric culture

Creating a customer-centric culture is harder than it appears. To avoid a bad customer experience, create a culture within an organization before bringing it to the customer.

In order to promote a customer-focused culture, leadership must offer a simple and remembered vision. Before you can communicate your vision to your customers, you must first communicate it to your employees.

Moreover, management must keep employees aligned with the vision. Thus, a company’s internal culture is important to providing good customer service. All of your efforts will be useless if you don’t have a clear customer service vision. Because it is deeply integrated into your company’s culture.

8. Taking a proactive stance

Businesses that take a reactive approach will make a loss due to downtime, unhappy customers, and reputational damage.

Taking a proactive approach to customer support makes your company more productive. It also added numerous advantages such as increased customer loyalty and business value.

9. Avoid making it difficult to contact you

When a customer needs to contact you immediately with a question and cannot reach you, the customer has a negative experience. It only makes them confused.

You can help them by providing accurate contact information for your company. All of your websites and email communications assist them to contact you immediately using their preferred communication methods.

10. Respond to your customers as soon as possible

The most important aspect of good customer service is a timely response. Most people do not respond quickly when a customer has a problem or provides feedback. To maintain customer loyalty and retention, it is important to respond to customer feedback in a timely manner.

Customers will feel valued if they receive a quick response. We must respond to customers quickly. Try to provide your customer with a quick response if it is rain or shine. Because they are very important to us.


We hope you never have to deal with bad customer service, whether as a customer or as a business owner who needs to address the problem within their team. But if the worst happens, you’ll know how to deal with it.

These are some practices that every company should follow to provide the best customer experience possible. If these practices are followed, the company can establish a foundation of loyalty and avoid a  bad customer experience.

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