How to conduct and measure employee engagement surveys with QuestionPro Workforce

How to conduct and measure employee engagement with QuestionPro Workforce

When it comes to work culture values, they can be very dynamic – employee policies that produce great success in one industry may prove to be a disaster in the other. The same variation may be seen in terms of employee strength, geographical location and many other factors that influence work culture policy making.

So how do you figure out the best practices in setting policies that help boost employee morale, productivity and uplift the organization at large? Well the good news is that in today’s day and age, you no longer have to guess and spend resources and then go back to the drawing board for more hits and misses.

QuestionPro’s Workforce is a single platform with two integrated solutions – employee engagement using DIY online surveys and workforce intelligence using deep in-built analytics with accurate visualizations of the data collected.

Digitizing employee engagement surveys & analytics

It’s true that employee engagement surveys are not new and have been around for nearly 40 years now. However, what is new is the complete digitization of surveys and 360 degree, cutting edge analytics that comes with it.

Without digitization of employee engagement surveys, analysing and drawing meaning data out of these surveys was mostly manual work. Companies, both large and small indeed had to drain significant parts of their HR budget into outsourcing the analytics work to consultancies or had to hire in-house data analytics experts to do the job.

With fully automated employee engagement surveys – creating, sending, collecting and analysing these surveys and identifying meaningful data and trends come with ease and at a fraction of the cost.

Identifying the key strands of your workforce

In most cases, employee engagement survey data are full of noisy data. Everyone has an opinion and it can be challenging to identify some common grounds. But on taking a closer look, these often thin lines of common opinions and voices become clearer, but takes intense amount of manual analysis and resouces to segregate these strands.

This is where Workforce proves to be invaluable. It automatically scans and analyses your survey data to identify your employee mood and morale, weekly “pulse” of your work place, gives you powerful insights on Organization Health Index among several other cutting edge information.

Get started with QuestionPro Workforce today and start building a winning work culture!