Since its advent in 2012, Phelps Aide Phelps Helps offers educational and career support to rural communities in the Stanstead area of Quebec, Canada. Faced with high levels of unemployment, underemployment, and low educational levels, Phelps serves as the community resource that directly addresses these issues head-on. They also provide a model for other rural communities experiencing similar difficulties with lower education and employability.

The Lacombe and District Music Festival Association is a non-profit music and performance arts society located in central Alberta Canada. They deliver educational and performance opportunities in the performing arts for young artists between the ages of 3 to 19. They deliver these opportunities through the annual hosting of the Lacombe and District Performing Arts Festival and through various performance workshops throughout the year.

The Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) is an association for master-level executive coaches who focuses on the results of the business side of coaching and who offer a Certification as a Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC) through their sister organization MEECO Leadership Institute.
The association supports best practices to expand one’s executive coaching business to reach the level of an ‘Enterprise-wide Business Partner™’ with their clients.

Can a survey start a revolution? According to the women working for Nike, the answer is yes. Angry with the heavy bro-culture, largely ignored harassment experiences, and limited opportunities in management and executive positions, the women of Nike banded together to create a survey and collect data on its toxic work environment.

Strength India is a nonprofit organization founded by two friends and business partners, Tara Celli and Kiran Pal, in an effort to explore, design, and implement preventative solutions for women and girls in Uttar Pradesh, India. Since their establishment in 2015, they have conducted after-school mentorship programs with girls from a violent home environment.