Does your Survey speak your Brand Language?

A great survey acts as a conversation catalyst between a brand and its (potential) customers. Its main goal is to deliver great customer insights but just like any other traditional communication channels it also serves brand equity. Furthermore, a branded survey drives response rates and makes for more reliable feedback.

This article will briefly explain some essential design aspects to leverage your survey.

Brand you Survey: Keep your brand in the picture, even in your surveys. Your survey has to match the rest of your brand communication so your customers immediately recognize and connect with your brand. A recallable visual look exudes trustworthiness and in turn, has a positive impact on the response rate of the survey.

That’s why it’s so important that you choose online survey software that allows you the option to edit survey templates so that you can use your brand colours, upload your business logo, or even change the font to match those of your brand. download (1)

Display your branding at all the major aspects of the survey including the start screen, header, footer, registration page and the portal etc.

Let the Theme flow: Keep your themes consistent to make your surveys stand out. Customize the colour of your checkboxes, radio buttons, embed images, add custom graphics to the survey and more.

You are the controller for your own survey. Just remember that you don’t want the template to overshadow the survey itself but at the same time ensure that your branding is carried through from start to finish.

Thank you is not the end: Build on with the branding and themes used throughout the survey on your Thank You page as well. If you don’t have one, it’s time to create one.

Let them know your business appreciates their participation. This makes it more likely participants will take your survey the next time. This can also generate sales leads when you redirect participants to your website.

Every survey you create is an opportunity for you to promote the brand. Make sure the people responding to your survey knows the driving force behind the survey by displaying your brand logo and colours prominently on the survey. These tips are sure to help improve brand recall and customer response.