3 Excellent event satisfaction survey examples

Launching any event is a cumbersome task as it requires proper planning, organizing, and implementing. The brands launch any event with a motive to know the enthusiasm of an existing or proposed audience to associate with the brand. 

The event Satisfaction survey is a post-event activity conducted by the brands to know the feedback from the attendees about the event, which can help in improving the future events in the pipeline. These surveys are directly deployed after the events to know the feedback about speakers, event topics, accommodation, training, and product demonstration. According to the study, “91% of organizations measure the success of any event on attendee satisfaction.”

3 Excellent event satisfaction survey examples used by the organizations

We have curated the list of 3 excellent event satisfaction survey examples by some big brands and organizations for you to analyze and get inspired.

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a US-based event management platform that allows the users to create, share, and attend the industry-based event all across the globe, from music festivals, marathon, fundraisers to tech conferences. Events help in educating people about the different industry topics, due to that, it’s crucial to conduct a post-event satisfaction survey to know what was right and wrong.

The below event satisfaction survey example is designed for the attendees of the learning event. It helps Eventbrite to get the correct understanding of speakers, the event topics, event materials, presentation skills, and benefits that attendees can grab from the information they learned from the event. Every question mentioned in the survey has a rating scale from poor to excellent, which provides insights on every aspect of the events so that the improvements can be made to make it more effective in the future. The design of this survey is easy and simple, which includes the single matrix questions, and in the end, there is an open-ended text question that helps Eventbrite to collect actionable information.

event satisfaction survey example


2. FormBox

FormBox provides online storage for different kinds of templates, forms, and documents. The below survey example is used by FormBox to figure out the post-event satisfaction level of the attendees. It includes the questions where the attendees have to give the ratings, which range from the scale of poor to good, and then the open-ended text questions to know the qualitative explanation of those ratings. 

The questions asked in this survey has covered all the aspects like the registration process, speakers, learnings, event duration, quality of the event, and more. This survey is also deployed with an aim to collect insights to know if the attendees will attend the event in the future, also to check if they want to speak in consecutive events.

event satisfaction survey example

3. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is an event registration and marketing platform which allows the users to manage event registration, event marketing, publish agendas of the event, and optimization of event management experience. It’s a platform that is used by organizations across industries like education, technology, media, manufacturing, non-profit, government, and other verticals.

The below survey example is used by Eventzilla to collect the feedback from the attendees about how the event was, did the event helped in improving the skills and learnings from the event. Also, the most important question is to ask for references who can speak in future events. The look and feel of this survey example are simple and easy to understand, which helps Eventzilla to collect qualitative information from their customers.

event satisfaction survey example

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QuestionPro’s event satisfaction survey example

As already mentioned about the top 3 excellent survey examples used by the brands, we would like to introduce QuestionPro’s event satisfaction survey example.

QuestionPro’s survey software helps the user to create robust and conversational surveys. Our survey environment allows you to design, distribute, collect, and analyze the data, which is truly beneficial to you. Our platform is equipped with 350+ survey templates that allow you to get started with your survey in a single click. Along with it, our survey software will enable you to select 40+ survey question types starting from net promote score for event satisfaction survey to advance multiple and open-ended text questions. 

Moreover, our survey platform allows the user to choose the custom themes or add their custom themes. Also, it comes with simple and secure distribution methods via emails, text messages, website embed, and social media. The below event satisfaction survey example is used by QuestionPro’s customers to know the feedback from their attendees after the event gets completed.

event satisfaction survey example

Here is the list of question types and the significance that you must include in your post-event satisfaction survey.

1. How do you know about our event?

It is a simple single-select question to know from where the attendees came to know about your event.

2. Why did you attend our event? Select all that apply

This question type is a multi-select question type where the attendees can select more than one option. This question is asked to know the reason for attending the event.

3. How likely will you recommend this event to your friends/colleagues?

This question type is a Net Promoter Score question. It allows the attendees to score the event experience that ranges from the scale of 1 to 10.

Promoters: Attendees who rate 8 and above, are most likely to recommend your event to their friends/colleagues

Detractors: Attendees who rate 5 and below, would not recommend your event to their friends/colleagues

4. What things did you like most about the event?

It is an open-ended text question type, which is added to know from the attendee’s perspective about the best things they liked in the event.

5. How will you rate this event in different areas?

To get detailed feedback from your attendees, you can choose the multi-point scale matrix question type with multiple rows and columns. This question is added to know the answers about the event experience in various aspects like Price, location, exhibition, length of the event, and so on.

6. Please rate each speaker at the event?

It is a numeric slider type question, where for each speaker, we will be a single slider and will add the rating scale from 1 to 10 where 1 stands for poor and 10 stands for excellent. This question is asked to know the feedback about the performance of each speaker. 

Free event satisfaction survey template

What is the appropriate time to conduct an event satisfaction survey?

Ideally, many organizations send the event satisfaction survey right after the event so attendees can quickly give the right and relevant feedback. But, few companies conduct these surveys while the event is going on to get the maximum responses from the crowd before they left in-between event due to personal or other reasons. Therefore to collect quantitative and qualitative data, companies must either send these surveys during the event or after the event.

Top 4 benefits of the post-event satisfaction survey

The main reason for conducting a post-event satisfaction survey is to pick up feedback from the attendees, which ultimately helps the companies in improving the audience’s expectations from the event in the future. 

The audience is an essential asset for your events, webinars, or conferences. Therefore, knowing the feedback from them will help you in serving them better in the future. Check out the top four benefits of conducting post-event satisfaction survey:

1. Know your performance better

Always be ready to know the performance of your event. It’s not still that your views will match with your customers, so it’s better to do a reality check from your audience about how your event performed and what all things should be implemented in the future. 

However, there is no value of these events if you believe that it went perfect, without giving the voice to your audience and knowing the individual perspective. Hence, the post-event satisfaction survey is one such method that helps you to analyze the performance and ultimately results in the growth of your organization.

2. Helps in developing effective marketing strategies

Event attendees should not only answer post-event surveys, but it should also be promoted among the sponsors, volunteers, leadership team, and other team members to get a better perspective of your events and business. The feedback from these people will help you to keep up your business with the latest trends and other marketing initiatives. 

3. Improve your future events

80% of marketers feel that live events are essential for company success. So it’s a question to every event planner. Do you want to plan another event that can make your organization successful? Obviously Yes! So to grab the maximum output from your current event and to improve your future events, it is necessary to conduct a post-event satisfaction survey to identify the areas of improvement in current events, on which the organization can work on for future events.

4. Attract more sponsors/stakeholders

According to the study, 16 percent of event organizers consider getting stakeholders as a challenging task. But, if the organization conducts post-event satisfaction surveys and shows the positive results along with an inspiring event story, then it will present as proof of your capability to the stakeholders who can sponsor your events in the future.