Top 16 event feedback survey questions for post event questionnaires

What are event feedback survey questions?

Event feedback survey questions are survey questions asked after an event has concluded to the attendees to understand their opinions about the event. Every attendee has a unique experience, so it is essential to understand every individual’s opinion. These survey questions can be asked for public events, training courses, conferences, conclaves, exhibitions, and webinars. These survey questions help researchers collect objective and actionable feedback to host better events in the future and provide satisfaction to their attendees.

For example, a training institute has carried out a training session for software professionals. The organizers believed that it could have been better in certain aspects, such as the facilities and material provided to the attendees. However, the data suggested that the attendees appreciated the event. There were many signups for the next training sessions. It also shed light on other things that needed improvements such as the registration process and the audio system. The organizers can use surveys such as event evaluation surveyevent planning survey, or conference evaluation survey to understand the attendees’ expectations and work on improvement areas.

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Tips to conduct an effective event feedback survey

  • Timing is important – Once the event has concluded, the organization should not wait for a long time. As soon as the function is over, ask the attendees how they felt, as the experience is still fresh for them. You can send the event feedback surveys over a thank you email or even ask them to answer on their way out of the event to collect data that would be most accurate.
  • Use images and videosOnline surveys can be exhaustive, and especially after attending an event, most attendees would instead leave than sit and answer multiple questions. Hence, keeping the study small and adding attractive images would give you a good survey response rate from your audience.
  • Evaluate the speakers/instructors – After the event is over, attendees might remember only those speakers that they liked. Hence if you evaluate all the speakers, the attendees can suggest which speaker they liked and why. You can choose the future event speakers as per the audience’s interest to get a large footfall for the event. 
  • Mobile optimized survey – Post an event, attendees generally tend to leave immediately. It can be challenging to get the audience to answer your survey quickly. So, the surveys should be mobile optimized. Answering questions on mobile gives flexibility to the attendees. They are more likely to complete the survey.
  • Attractive survey design – The survey design chosen for your post-event feedback survey must be appealing. Keep the brand consistency in mind while designing your event feedback questionnaire. Brand your survey design such that it creates a lasting impression.
  • Thank your respondent – It is vital to have a thank you page at the end of your survey, as the respondent has taken the efforts to spare some time for you. Furthermore, to keep the event fresh in their minds and create a lasting impression, you can add links to interesting articles by the speakers or add photographs taken at the event. 
  • Mention your next event – An event feedback survey can also act as a promotional asset as you can mention your upcoming event in these questions and get an approximate idea of how many people will attend the next event and what they are expecting from it.

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Top 16 event feedback survey questions for post-event questionnaire

An event feedback survey will enable the organizers to understand if they could deliver an event that met the expectations of its audience. Carrying out such a study will also help the host learn improvement areas. 

Use below event feedback survey questions to evaluate an event’s success.

  1. Considering your complete experience at the event, how likely are you to recommend our future events to your friends or colleagues?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 7, 7 being the highest, how would you rate the event?
  3. What are the three things that you liked the most?
  4. What are the three things that you disliked the most?
  5. How would you rate the organization?
    1. Very good
    2. Good
    3. Acceptable
    4. Poor 
    5. Very poor
  6. How helpful was the event staff?
    1. Extremely helpful
    2. Very helpful
    3. Somewhat helpful
    4. Not so helpful
    5. Not at all helpful
  7. How much pre-event information was provided to you to help you better understand the event?
    1. All of the information
    2. Most of the information
    3. Some of the information
    4. A little of the information
    5. None of the information
  8. Please state your level of agreement for the statement: The duration of the event was just right. (Not too long or not too short)
    1. Strongly disagree
    2. Disagree
    3. Neutral
    4. Agree
    5. Strongly agree
  9. Have you attended any of our events before?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  10. What was the reason you chose to participate in our event, and what were your expectations from the event?
  11. Did the event meet your expectations?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  12. Overall, how satisfied were you with the event?
    1. Very dissatisfied
    2. Dissatisfied
    3. Neutral
    4. Satisfied
    5. Very satisfied
  13. Would you say the event was interactive?
    1. No, the communication was one way
    2. Yes, it was very interactive
  14. Did the event help you with new learnings or knowledge?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  15. Would you say the speakers or presenters were knowledgeable?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  16. Do you have any other comments/suggestions that would help us make future events better?