How to motivate employees at work – 5 Proven Ways

5 proven ways to motivate your employees through engagement

When it comes to ways that motivate your employees and employee engagement, what you have to understand is that there is no one method or set of methods that are universal. Something that may work in a startup environment may not do that well in a large business with employee spread across several offices.

So while we present a list of ways to motivate employees at work, you have the freedom to pick, choose and experiment.

However, what is common amongst them all is “listening to your employees”. This is the cornerstone of any employee engagement program that is aimed at motivating employees at work.  QuestionPro’s Workforce platform is wired and geared towards enabling maximum employee insights that let you create an effective employee motivation program.

Here are 5 ways to get started and get you employees motivated at work :

1.) Motivate Employees through gamification of employee feedback surveys

Not all employee surveys have to serious feedbacks about the leadership or colleagues. Some can be downright fun activities in the form of surveys that are created with the purpose of increasing inter-employee or inter-team engagement which in turn results in a vibrant work atmosphere!

2.) Capture the “pulse” of your workforce

Organizations that are doing fairly well in employee satisfaction and in keeping them motivated at work often choose to merely keep a tab on the general “mood and morale” of their workforce. QuestionPro Workforce lets you create, deploy and analyse Weekly Pulse surveys where a single question is asked to determine how people feel at work. This can be a question like -”How was your week” or “how did you generally feel at work this week”. The answering space too can contain an MCQ ad-joint with an open ended question. QuestionPro particularly has a feature called “text analysis” using which even open ended questions can be a common thread in all the answers.

3.) Motivate Employees by focusing on cross-team bench marking

When it comes to organizations in the service industry, where each team is comprised of nearly equal number of employees aimed at delivering the same goals, such as in agencies, then cross-team bench marking becomes an essential parameter for gaining insights. Here, instead of focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees, the survey results are analysed on a team-to-team basis. This type of employee engagement surveys are also helpful in cross-national studies where regional branches are treated as one team for analysis.

4.) Conduct 360 degree employee engagement surveys

There are times when a company needs to get a thorough report on not just what employees feel about their management, but also about themselves and other colleagues that they work with. This is therefore a 360 degree employee engagement survey which gives a complete analysis of every employee based on how they rate themselves, how their reporting managers or supervisors rate them and the how their entire team rates them!

5.) Keep a tab on your Organization Health Index (OHI)

OHI is the highest viewpoint for an organization. It is a comparative indexing to see how your organization fairs in terms of overall organizational health in terms of employee retention and engagement, how well the brand attracts potential recruits and also on how successful the company has been in terms of creating and sustaining an overall winning work culture. This is a critical parameter for several organizations, especially tech brands who are increasingly competing amongst each other to attract the best minds in their field.