Insight Community Tips: People Respond to Incentives

Insight Community Tips

Insight Community Tips: People Respond to IncentivesIt’s a well-known economic principle that people respond to incentives. In fact, if you’ve ever read one of the Freakonomics books or listened to the podcast, you’ll know that this theme comes up time and time again. It’s a key principle that comes up when trying to guess or figure out how we, as humans, will respond to an event or situation. This is no different in insight community, and that is one of the insight community tips I would like to share with you today  – Members respond to incentives. Whether it’s initially signing up for the insight community,(you can also Convert Your Customer List into an Insights Community) taking a survey, or completing a discussion, members are drawn to the incentives. Now the incentives can be different for each member but at the core, it comes down to three main areas – points, rewards, and badges.


Points are the lifeblood in community management. You will hear a bunch of insight community tips related to incentives, but a good point system is where you should start at. It is the key not only to engagement but also in keeping a community thriving over time. Members are drawn to points as it’s an immediate incentive for completing a task within the community. A good point system will have a variety of points available for every activity in the community. In turn, the want to get as many points as they can so they can redeem them for tangible rewards. This helps with engagement.


Next from the list of incentive related insight community tips, we would suggest implementing rewards system and make it an integral part of community management. Members earn points that they then redeem for rewards. These rewards are tangible and most often come in the form of a gift card. The values of the gift cards can range depending on the community but most often range from $5 to $20 in value. While gift cards are the most common, other types of rewards can be swag or actual products from the company. Whatever the reward, the most important aspect is that members are excited about it. This will keep them wanting to earn points which in turn helps the community.


Badges are another crucial layer to the community management incentive plan. While these are purely an intrinsic type of reward, they differ as they really play into gamification. Members want to level up and get the next badge that’s available. They make a game out of it and want to see how many they can collect. In turn, this helps with the overall engagement of the community.

A pivotal end result of incentives is engagement. This is a common theme that comes up not only in this blog but in community management in general. You want to get the engagement level high because the by-product is deeper, more reliable insights coming from your community. This in turn, equals better business decision which is the end game. Guess what, better business decisions typically leads to more sales and that leads to more incentives for the employees. See, we all respond to incentives and again it’s the same in community management. I hope these insight community tips were helpful and here are some more Tips for Creating Insights.

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