March 2019 Product Roundup

QuestionPro Product Roundup March 2019

Are you creating multilingual surveys? Check out how we’ve made it easier to set up a multilingual survey. If you need to increase responses to every question in a survey, learn how to enable response requests. The HR world is about to go crazy with a sneak peek of Workforce 2.0 – the first platform that combines the power of culture analytics and employee 360s all in one place. Learn how to use the power of AI to set up automated sentiment analysis reports for your CX projects. And finally, read the results of the Ebony/QuestionPro study on thoughts and feelings on what it takes to have a stable and loving relationship in the African American community.


It’s easier than ever to create multilingual surveys

QuestionPro Product Roundup Multilingual Surveys

Out with the old and in with the new! Creating multilingual surveys is more intuitive and easier to set up than ever before. Check out the simplified point and click setup process that will empower you to take over the world with powerful global surveys at your fingertips.

QuestionPro Translate Surveys

Want respondents to answer every question even if it’s not required?

Survey Completion Notification Product Roundup

A small reminder can go a long way. Enable a response request to kindly remind respondents if they have missed answering a question on the page. They still have the option not to answer, but a simple reminder usually does the trick.

Complete Survey Notification


Discover how customers feel about you by automating CX sentiment analysis

CX Sentiment Analysis QuestionPro Product Roundup

Let us help you tag and organize your cx feedback. Harness the ability to automatically tag themes and sentiments from feedback collected in your CX program. Our automated sentiment analysis tool will listen to your customers and highlight key themes you should pay attention to.

Automate CX Sentiment Analysis QuestionPro Product Roundup

QP Audience

What’s preventing African Americans from having a stable and loving relationship?

African American Relationships

In this joint study with Ebony magazine, we asked 700 African Americans to share their views on the strengths and challenges of living and loving in the 21st century. From where to meet partners, to thoughts on having dating rules to follow, we uncover the complexities African American women face in finding love in today’s society.

Ebony African American Relationships