What are demographic survey questions?
Demographic survey questions are usually a part of market research or market segmentation surveys that give survey creators insights into respondents’ age, gender or marital status. Demographic information can provide details about users that other question types might fail to achieve. This way, marketers can conduct focused and reliable survey research which will provide filtered responses from their target audience.

What are Multiple Choice Questions?
Multiple Choice Questions form the foundation of any survey or questionnaire as they provide a set of answer options for the respondents to select from. They are the perfect means to understand respondent preferences and produce impactful results. Not only do they bring balance to a survey but they also make it easier and quicker for the respondents to answer the survey.

Better Online Survey Questions

Creating comprehensive and thorough questions is often the easiest way to ensure the success of your online survey campaign, and unfortunately—it doesn’t come easy to many. Like any art form, practice, hard work, and dedication are the easiest ways to work on your skills. Next week QuestionPro is doing a webinar  – The Ultimate Guide To Effective Online Surveys that is the perfect opportunity to learn pro tips for setting research objectives, understanding your audience, creating the right survey questions, how to distribute and analyze your surveys, and how to make informed decisions derived from your surveys….

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) continues to receive a large volume of press coverage in the business and financial media. Originally, it was touted as the one number businesses needed to grow. However, time has not borne that out. Brand managers that focus solely on NPS often receive a wake-up call when they try to use the score as a predictor of future sales….

No this isn’t a physics post, but time is of great importance to marketers. Be late to the market and you will miss the sales! How we ask survey respondents about time greatly impacts the validity of the data we collect. The exhibit below asks survey participants to estimate the likelihood they will be purchasing a new vehicle in the next year….