60 Parent-Teacher Conference Survey Questions To Ask

Attending parent-teacher conferences is important to learn more about your child’s academic performance, social and emotional behavior. It offers an opportunity to both the parents and teachers to improve the experience of your child at school and make the most of the early years of life.

What can make a difference is asking the right questions. Parents should ask questions that let them know the hidden side of their child’s personality, while the teachers should communicate the right feedback to the parents. 

The biggest beneficiary of the collaboration between parents and teachers are the children. And so it is important to ask the right questions during the parent-teacher meeting in a short span of time. Student polls might be of help in these cases.

Here’s a list of questions you can ask during a parent-teacher conference. Depending on who is asking them, we have broken them down into three categories.

  • Parent-Teacher conference questions for parents
  • Parent-Teacher conference questions for teachers
  • Parent-Teacher conference feedback questions

You can use them in an online survey as Kahoot alternatives or questionnaires by using one of our sample survey templates

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Parent-Teacher conference survey questions for parents

Creating a healthy relationship with your children’s teacher can make a lot of difference in their school experience. So prepare yourselves to ask the meaningful questions that will get you the most insights into your children’s skills, performances, challenges, and attitudes. These Parents survey questions will help you make the most of the short window available to parents.

Questions about academic performance

  1. How is my child doing in academics overall?
  2. How is my child doing in <specific> subjects?
  3. Does my child face any particular challenge in any subject?
  4. Does my child find it difficult to concentrate on studies?
  5. Do you think my child needs special education evaluation?
  6. Is my child paying attention in the classroom?
  7. What does my child prefer – offline classes or online classes?
  8. What are some of the ways you suggest we can help our child to learn a subject?
  9. How can we help our children to master their favorite subject?
  10. How can we help our children to improve in overall academics?
  11. How do my children do in their assignments, tests, and discussions?
  12. What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?
  13. Is my child performing at the age and grade level?
  14. Does your school offer professional tutoring?
  15. How do you reward students?

Free Parent-Teacher Conference Survey Template for Parents

Questions about social and emotional behavior

  1. How does my child do socially with peers?
  2. Does my child have enough friends at school?
  3. Does my child talk enough with fellow classmates?
  4. Does my child look happy at school?
  5. In difficult situations, does my child defend independently?
  6. Does my child feel bullied by others?
  7. What is your school’s policy on bullying?
  8. Who should I speak to if I feel my child is being bullied?
  9. What do you think about my child’s organizational skills?
  10. Does my child talk respectfully with authority figures?
  11. Does my child like to participate in extracurricular activities?
  12. Is my child exceptionally good in any art or sport?
  13. Does my child maintain discipline in the classroom?
  14. What soft skills do you suggest my child should develop?
  15. Is there any specific behavior of my child that you would like to share?


You can use the below questions to let the teachers know about your child. It will help them to offer more support to the children and understand them better.

  1. Do you have any other feedback, suggestions, or concerns?
  2. I am going through a tough phase in my life. How can I ensure it doesn’t affect my child?
  3. Is my child behaving as expected from children of similar age?
  4. How do I build a better bond with my child?
  5. How do stay updated on my child’s performance and school programs?

Parent-Teacher conference survey questions for Teachers

Below are some of the questions teachers can ask parents to understand more about their children. You can create an online questionnaire and distribute it to parents, print a paper survey.

  1. How does your child feel about school?
  2. How does your child feel about teachers?
  3. How does your child feel about doing homework?
  4. How much time does your child spend on average doing homework?
  5. How does your child feel about classmates?
  6. Does your child ask questions about any subjects?
  7. Does your child find it difficult to focus on any subject at home?
  8. How can I best help your child?
  9. How does your child feel at home?
  10. Does your child have any specific concerns about the school, peers, or teachers?

Free Parent-Teacher Conference Survey Template for Teachers

Parent-Teacher conference feedback survey questions

Use below sample questions to get feedback from parents regarding the conference with teachers. Online survey software let you create, distribute and analyze data collected to gain meaningful insights.

  1. How satisfied are you with the parent-teacher conference?
  2. Did you receive comprehensive feedback regarding your child’s performance throughout the year?
  3. Did you receive feedback regarding your child’s academic performance in the meeting?
  4. Did you receive feedback regarding your child’s social behavior in the meeting?
  5. Did you receive feedback regarding your child’s emotional state in the meeting?
  6. Did you receive an opportunity to ask questions during the meeting?
  7. How satisfied are you with the teacher’s answers?
  8. Did you have an opportunity to discuss specific concerns about your child?
  9. Did the teacher listen to you attentively?
  10. Did the teacher offer suggestions to address your child’s needs?
  11. Did you have an opportunity to interact with teachers who specialize in catering to your child’s needs?
  12. How satisfied are you with the teacher’s attitude towards your child?
  13. How comfortable do you feel in the parent-teacher meeting?
  14. Did you receive valuable information regarding your child’s performance from the meeting?
  15. Do you have any other feedback for our school?

Free Parent-Teacher Conference Feedback Survey Template