Kahoot Alternative: A better & free learning platform

As Kahoot! was a game-based platform designed for social learning, teachers and speakers raised a necessity for an extended version with a more professional approach. The world needed an improved Kahoot Alternative.

We’re proud to introduce LivePolls, a QuestionPro platform for easy Kahoot-style quiz creation to showcase visual information in real-time to students, employees, conference attendees, or any team. This feature allows answer evaluation and real-time feedback.

Learn how to create a free Kahoot-style quiz and fun and effective quizzes for students. Continue reading!

What is a Kahoot alternative, and why do you need one

A Kahoot alternative is a similar but better option to the widespread but limited educational tool teachers, parents, and speakers use to create online quizzes for students or attendees. The best Kahoot alternative must allow admins to create learning games or trivia quizzes in any language or topic to promote student engagement in a fun and dynamic way.

The main reason to opt for a Kahoot alternative is that the platform has some drawbacks. For example, it only allows closed-ended questions (true or false, yes or no, multiple-choice), which can be a limitation when aiming to learn the opinion of the students. 

A common issue is that students receive additional points for faster responses, promoting a greater focus on speed than substance. Aiming for a Kahoot alternative that allows instruction and review is better. 

Kahoot makes it challenging to track student progress as they have usernames created by the teacher. To track progress, one would have to break down the usernames, attach them to the student names, and record the number of responses each got in each Kahoot played.

Aware of the platform’s disadvantages, we offer an alternative option that allows you to create Kahoot-style quizzes for free in a matter of seconds.

How to create a Kahoot-style quiz with QuestionPro?

We will guide you to take a Kahoot-style quiz without all the disadvantages mentioned above, in a professional tool that is very easy to implement, making it the best Kahoot alternative. Are you ready?

With LivePolls, you can create easy, fast, and practical live polling with the possibility of collecting instant feedback and showing the results to the participants in real-time for free.

Steps to configure LivePolls

Live Polls engages the participants in the project by instantly making them part of it. They respond to the poll while all the other participants can see and comment on the responses. To configure this tool, you must do the following:

Log in with your QuestionPro account and select the “LivePolls” option located in the dropdown menu at the top right.

best kahoot alternative guide

One of the main advantages of LivePolls is it allows you to create questionnaires for participants to comment in real-time while visualizing them in an online panel or quiz.

On this platform, they can answer quick questions in a given time range; these will be classified according to their speed and the correctness of the answer.


Once you decide what type of LivePoll you want to run, you can select it.

Create a quiz

In case you select the questionnaire option, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to “Edit”> Workspace > Press the “+” sign on the template and choose the type of question. If you want to add answer options, select “Multiple Choice”.

LivePolls guide for a better kahoot alternative

  1. Add the questions and answers, marking the correct option. If there are several, select the corresponding ones.

livepolls questionpro

  1. Then select the “+” sign to add additional questions and answers.
  2. Once you’re done designing your quiz, select “Settings” to update your preferences.


Create an online quiz

If you prefer to take an online quiz, you need to do the following:

  1. Select the plus sign “+” to open a new quiz template.


  1. Press the “+” on the template to add a live multiple-choice question.


  1. Add the questions with the corresponding answer options.

Kahoot Free Alternatives

  1. When finished, go to “settings” to customize your quiz.
  2. To allow participants to provide live feedback, select the “+” sign and choose “Live Broadcast”. Later, add the question to your quiz or questionnaire.

LivePolls vs Kahoot

Live questions allow data collection and transmission in real time to ensure the constant interaction of the participants.

Analysis of results for the best Kahoot alternative

In the end, the participants’ answers will be visible from the panel LivePolls provides, including the comments and votes.

You can see the number of participants according to their mobile device, the number of correct answers to each question, and the name of the fastest participants.

Why is QuestionPro the best alternative to Kahoot?

LivePolls can help you gamify your digital event with online polls, fun quizzes, or a test.

Use this tool and understand the pulse of your audience. Plus, find out what they want in real-time and optimize your event accordingly. You can also check in with your remote team and continue the interaction.

Create an online quiz to get feedback from your students and test their knowledge using LivePolls.

Now that you know how to create a Kahoot-style quiz using LivePolls, you can start making fun, easy, free quizzes today! Contact us! Our team will help you achieve it.