General Knowledge Trivia: 20 Funny General Poll Questions

General knowledge trivia is an enjoyable and popular game to play with loved ones, friends, and coworkers! It challenges your general knowledge while fostering relationships that last a lifetime. A prepared set of entertaining questions on any subject of your choice is frequently used while playing online trivia.

Here, a host is selected, the questions are distributed among the contestants, and you compete to provide the most answers. A traditional pub quiz on your next night out or a virtual game night may both include trivia.

It’s a fantastic technique to keep people interested while gaining new knowledge. It may be played with friends, coworkers, or family members.

How does general knowledge trivia works?

  1. Choose a host. Choose one member of your organization to serve as the host, and you may switch hosts each week or now and then.
  2. Make a list of entertaining trivia questions and a theme for it. Look at our great questions for the next in-person or online trivia night you’re hosting.
  3. Choose your team. No matter how many individuals are on each side, divide the group into several sections.
  4. Let the competition begin and maintain a score. Choose winners. The team with the most accurate predictions and points wins. Award a gift card or trophy. Make this a weekly exercise and reward an all-time winner.

What is general knowledge trivia?

Your inner geek will appreciate it. After all, playing trivia is fascinating to learn many essential things, not simply a fun way to kill time. Therefore, learning random trivia may help you achieve your goals, whether expanding your knowledge or dominating the other players at next week’s game night.

We start with a segment called “Trivia Questions for Adults,” which is ideal for your next party or get-together with your adult pals. The next category is common knowledge questions, which are those nuggets of knowledge that we have all collected over the years. 

Our general knowledge questions encompass information that we have all studied in school. The last area is General Trivia Questions and Answers, where you may see how much you truly know about the world around you.

Top 20 funny general poll questions

If you lead a meeting, offer training, a webinar, or give a speech at an event, polls are your greatest allies. You may “speak” to your audience by posing a poll question to them, which will keep them “talking” back to you.

There are various ways to use polls. You may gather helpful information, keep your audience interested, discover more about them, or open the door to a dialogue. To get things rolling, here are twenty funny questions that can be asked on a poll:

  1. What do you call a flock of crows?
  • A Murder
  1. What is the name of a three-person duel?
  • A truel
  1. Which animal is the strongest compared to its body weight—a dung beetle, an elephant, an ant, or a cow?
  • Dung Beetles
  1. What is forbidden to eat with a fork in the state of Georgia?
  • Fried chicken
  1. How many dots does a set of dice have?
  • 42
  1. Iceland changed traffic routes to prevent upsetting which community?
  • Elves
  1. Which body part is the only one that is fully grown at birth?
  • Eyes
  1. Who first came up with the word “vomit”?
  • William Shakespeare
  1. What is the fear of acrophobia?
  • Flying
  1. What can be broken, but it can never be held?
  • A promise
  1. Which country has the most islands?
  • Sweden – 270,000
  1. How many hearts are there in an octopus?
  • 3
  1. Which planet is nearest to the sun?
  • Mercury
  1. Which human muscle is the strongest?
  • Jaw
  1. Which phone manufacturer made the 3310?
  • Nokia
  1. What falls but never rises?
  • Rain
  1. Which nation’s life expectancy is the highest?
  • Hong Kong
  1. What year did the United Nations come into existence?
  • 1945
  1. Which planet is the hottest in the Milky Way?
  • Venus
  1. How many bones make up our ears?
  • 3


You may use polls to make your meeting, event, or training more inclusive and exciting. While you have their attention, your target audience may engage actively and express their opinions. It seems like a win-win scenario.

Using polls may establish at least a tenuous relationship with your audience. They assist you in gaining priceless knowledge about your website visitors. You may pose a query to them and then take up their responses in your flow. Alternately, elicit their views and build your arguments on their answers.

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