Top 8 Traits of a Good Leader

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”- John C Maxwell


Every person you meet will define leadership in the manner they understand it. Irrespective of how you define a leader, he or she should be someone who knows to differentiate between good and bad. 

There are a number of definition for “leaders”, let alone what a great leader is. Greatness has nothing to do with the trait of a person because the measure of a great leader has less to do with how you define their role and more about how they influence the people around them. 

A good leader has a futuristic vision and knows how to turn ideas into reality. In this blog, I will discuss the top 8 traits a good leader must-have. 

Top 8 Traits of a Good Leader 

According to a study conducted by Forbes, company leadership is in crisis. Nearly one-third of employees find it difficult to trust their management. Management in addition has to cater to the needs of the millennials. On average, Millenial changes his/her job at least four times from the day they leave the college until about they turn 32. The reason being, most of them don’t feel empowered in their current jobs. 

It’s clear most leaders are failing in developing a sense of loyalty and trust in their employees. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Managers who exhibit great leadership qualities inspire their team to achieve above and beyond the required. Train your managers to be good leaders and not just bosses. 

In this section you will learn about the 8 traits leaders must exhibit to stand out: 

1. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is not just for motivating people but also for a business, its products and the mission and enthusiasm cannot be faked. Employees are very intelligent, they understand when there is fake cheerleading and when the leaders are sincere with their enthusiasm. Sincere enthusiasm is contagious. 

2. Honesty and Integrity 

Doing the right thing even when no one is watching is integrity. Be honest with your employees, whether it is giving proper credits, feedback…. Great leaders exhibit integrity and honesty at all times. They do what is the right thing to do even if they have to make certain sacrifices for it. When employees see leaders lacking integrity they might never be able to trust them again, and like it is said to trust once lost is lost forever. 

3. Excellent communication skills 

Leaders must inspire. Inspiration works stronger than motivation, it helps bring in discipline and encourages people to own up their responsibilities. All this cannot be done if the leader lacks communication skills. Poor communication skills can lead to poor output. Leaders who cannot develop excellent communication skills usually fail to conceptualize their ideas. It is also important to remember listening is an integral part of communicating. 

4. Transparency

Good leaders have the uncanny ability of not letting rumors spread. They are open and transparent and embracing solutions and not problems. If you are a customer-facing organization, there might be chances that your employees might get frustrated with certain customers instead of firing employees a good leader will help the employee channelize his/her energy to come up with a solution to deal with the customer instead. Transparency is the key!

5. Emotional Intelligence

Leadership should be duplicable. A good leader is one who has his/her on their shoulder and can think rationally especially in a crisis situation. Good leaders improve their emotional intelligence by a conscious effort to understand the reason why people behave the way they do. They always trust facts and figures than mere rumors. When you understand this it is easier to respond with dignity at all times. 

6. Passion 

If you need to excel at anything, you need to be passionate about it. If a leader doesn’t convey passion, then there will be no passion within the organization. Employee engagement is the secret ingredient for the success recipe of any organization. Where engagement levels are dwindling, an organization has difficulties hitting its bottom line. When you see that in your employees you not only have to show them that passion but also lift their spirits!

7. Empathy

Empathy changes you as a human being. It helps you learn the importance of another human being. An organization is a place where a lot of human being closely interact with each other. They are dependant on each other for various work-related activities and communication. They need each other to help in making a concept come to reality. A leader has to oversee all the humans in the organization. If there is a lack of empathy, there is a serious lack of understanding and that is bad for your business. 

8. Open-minded 

Leaders need to be open-minded, they cannot show or discriminate against anyone who works with you or for you. A good leader leads by example. Similarly, there will be instances when people would want to give you feedback regarding what is going well in the organization and what is not working all that good. You need to keep an open mind to positively accept the feedback and make informed decisions. 

Finally, a good leader has all the above-mentioned traits, but if you seem to lack some of these traits you might struggle to make your mark as an influential leader. Set a good example for who looks up to you, who trust you and who put their most valuable assets in your hands. Communicate fairly, commit to only what you can deliver, take decisions that will not harm any individual and stand up for everything that is true…. Then you become a good leader!


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