5 reasons why customer experience surveys are critical for growing your business

We all know the 3 phases of a business: Create a product or service, market it and sell it. But post sales comes customer retention and recurring sales – one of the key aspects of running a successful and growing business.

One of the most market proven tools for building and maintaining this healthy relationship with consumers is knowing about their experience with the product or service. And the best way to know this is to simply ask them.

This is where automated, digital and analytics powered survey softwares can serve your business. Products like QuestionPro’s Customer Experience software platform are tailor-made to get the best responses from customers at the minimum time.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to conduct surveys to power your business growth :

1.) Identifying product or service loopholes

The best judge of your product is a customer who purchases and uses it. A customer experience survey will allow you to identify the critical loopholes in your system that can be easily missed by your development or service team. These surveys in turn help your fill these gaps and introduce better products and services.

2.) Giving voice to your customers

If there is anything worse than a bad product experience for a customer, then it’s about not being asked about their experience. A pro-active approach towards consumers is the best customer service as well as the best damage control mechanism. It makes customers understand that their experience with your product or service is important, reduces their anxiety if their experience wasn’t good and helps then see your firm in a positive customer-friendly light.

3.) Increasing client retention

Whether you are in the service industry or sell your own product, there is no alternative to well-timed and pro-active customer feedbacks. Clients are much likely to stick to a single firm for a specific service when they are able to express their views and see improvements based on their feedback to you.

4.) Adding that “human touch”

Purchasing may be often be impersonal when the sellers are SMBs or corporations but for consumers it is always personal. This is especially true in the online age where there is virtually no human contact with the seller. Customer surveys can help overcome this sentiment among your customers, promote brand loyalty and increase repeat business and upselling.

5.) Increase brand loyalty and visibility

In a free and stiffly competitive market, often the deciding factor on whether customers will stick to a brand and promote it through word-of-mouth or sway towards a new product is the quality of service and expectations met by the current brand. In order to increase brand loyalty and visibility, the best way is to simply talk to your customers using surveys and feedbacks. Your customers will stick with you and talk about you as long as you have a competitive product or service , are connecting with your customers and are constantly improving based on customer insights.