5 things you must know before creating an online survey

5 things you must you must know before creating an online survey

With QuestionPro, surveys creation may be free but sadly your time isn’t. Before you embark on a mission to create your online survey, here are 5 things that you need to be absolutely clear about to make the most efficient use of the platform and more importantly, your time:

1.) Be precise about data capture

If you start unprepared about precisely which consumer data will be valuable to you, it can be very tempting to just beat around the bush and try to get whatever you can out of the respondent. However, we can tell you with surety that this method will cost your business rather than help you. Respondents are extremely sensitive to surveys in general – when they decide to give you time, you too need to ensure you are making the best of it by ensuring your questionnaire is to the point and as concise as possible. Therefore, setting the goal for your survey is critical to ensuring your market research campaign’s success.

2.) Pin point your target audience

Much like being precise about the questions you ask, you need to be accurate about whom you ask. Asking the wrong questions may be bad but asking the right questions to the wrong person might be even worse. Therefore, verify and test your consumer data samples twice before hitting “send”. They cannot be taken back and you might lose a chunk of your subscribers if you poke the wrong set of people.

3.) Micro vs macro surveys

We have earlier explained how micro-surveys are gaining popularity among businesses and how they help you capture better quality data. However, every major company on earth, like HP, Cisco, Avaya and so on who spend millions in market research every year, do so by mainly investing in macro-surveys. The reason being that certain survey questions are inter-linked and require logic and custom variables to carry on customer input data to the next question. If that’s the case, you are much better off using Email and SMS survey reminders to ensure maximum survey response.

4.) Being thorough about logic surveys

While logic based surveys provide you with much needed flexibility and personalizations for your respondents, it can be tricky at first given the sheer volume of choices available. It will be a good idea to first familiarize yourself with these functions and plan out your logic framework before starting the survey. Moreover, excessive use of logic in places where they could be avoided can lead to an overly complicated survey which can scare away respondents.

5.) Having a powerful target database

Here we urge you to match quality with quantity. You may have a great survey designed and ready to shoot but if you are not satisfied with your database size, we suggest you get more through organic means or simply purchase some. Don’t worry, for a well-planned survey, the money you invest in increasing your sample size will give you good returns once you executive decisions based on the data received from these respondents. That’s why experts say that a good market research study pays for itself.