Comedian TJ Miller, of HBO’s Silicon Valley, performs a standup in which he tells of an entertaining, yet extremely terrifying time in which he suffered a life-threatening brain malformation. He was in the middle of pitching a movie idea when he collapsed to the floor while seizing, and was rushed to the hospital. His story continues, he explains that he suffered from an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) hemorrhage, which is essentially an abnormal connection between the veins and arteries….

While online research is poised to remain the data collection mode of choice for most researchers, the acquisition of a reliable online sample can account for more than 40% of a typical research project.
In addition to offering cost effective research software solutions to ease the financial burden on research and marketing professionals, QuestionPro has taken another step to offer its customers access to quality sample through the MicroPanel Network – Proprietary panels that consist of consumers and B2B professionals who are recruited and managed exclusively by Survey Analytics….

It appears that Survey Analytics is listening intently to its customers and with good reasons. The software firm, which currently offers an array of research tools for conducting market research, including survey design and hosting, reporting, advance analytics and panel management, recently announced the launch of its latest product – MicroPanel.
MicroPanel is designed to facilitate both QuestionPro and Survey Analytics customers access to online respondents for survey participation, using one dedicated platform….