Employee Satisfaction for Millennials

Simon Sinek, British-American author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant, in one of his interviews, spoke about Employee satisfaction for millennials at length. He discussed the role of corporates in encouraging millennials to be better at their jobs and in achieving goals to the best of their abilities.

He said that it’s extremely important for corporates to understand the thought process of millennials. Corporates showing compassion towards the fact that millennials suffer low self-esteem, have a hint of impatience and also lack the basic coping mechanism required to handle corporate stress, perform better as organizations at large.

Keeping millennials engaged in the corporate environment is a challenge that most corporates should take head-on because the fact remains that millennials are the future of our workforce and are already in majority in the workstream today.

Employee satisfaction surveys and leveraging the feedback provided by millennials has always proven to be the most effective in keeping millennials engaged and motivated.

Here are 5 employee satisfaction survey questions that you should ask your millennial employees:

Employees, especially millennials, look forward to being productive at work. By asking them whether they’re happy with their contribution towards work would make them assured that the employers value their opinion.

By knowing the answers to these employee satisfaction survey questions, millennials can be kept engaged and their job hopping desires can be reduced.

Open communication between the managers and team members develops trust amongst the employees, particularly the millennials. It’s observed that more than 50% of the millennials feel that they love working with leaders who are supportive and open with them at work.

After you receive a feedback about what do the millennials feel about their managers, you can share your plan of action with them. This makes them take their stint with your organization seriously and give it their all.

Millennials are culture driven. A good work culture, work ethic, excites them and prompts them to push themselves harder. 93% of millennials feel that they enjoy working with an organization where they can be themselves.

A recent article also goes on to mention that millennials quit companies that they don’t think of as a good culture fit. This proves that “culture” is a crucial factor to keep millennials satisfied.

Ask them this question to understand their thoughts about how aligned your organization’s culture is to their own beliefs. If you receive negative feedbacks for this employee job satisfaction survey question, arrange one-on-one meetings with their managers or focus groups to know their thoughts and if required, also organize an employee committee that works towards organizational culture.

A recent article about millennials published by Forbes stated that 60% of them leave a company within a span of 3 years and that 45% of them chose flexibility at work over salaries, which makes this employee satisfaction survey question an inseparable part of your survey.

The freelancing, self-empowering trend is on the rise and that’s bringing about a change in the traditional ways of working 9-5. Ask this open-ended question and implement their feedback as much as you can, to let millennials know that they’re valued.

  • How well do you feel your organization is contributing towards the community? (Semantic Question)

Millennials are misconstrued to be utterly selfish, entitled and shallow but are actually pretty aware when it comes to the community. 83% of millennials have their faith in organizations that are socially aware which it easier for these organizations to keep their millennials satisfied.

The group of millennials is on the rise and so if your organization isn’t into community development and support, pull up your socks and ask this employee satisfaction survey question.