Key factors to consider while choosing a powerful survey panel partner

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Business approaches evolve continuously because of the ever-growing market competition. Recently, listening to the customer’s voice by placing them at the center has become the core strategy and the reason for business success for many. Researching the right audience helps transform consumer data into insights, and online panels play a pivotal role in aiding thousands of companies to build appropriate strategies. 

Of course, it is essential to understand and capture quality responses from only those who suit the study. Accidentally collecting responses from professional survey takers, unqualified respondents, bots, and unrepresentative samples lead to a waste of time, money, and effort.

Select your respondents

What must you do to capture breakthrough insights? How can you ensure your survey data is reliable? Survey panels are your best bet because they lodge qualified people and be willing to participate in surveys. These respondents undergo a strict qualification process, usually by giving information on 300+ data points. They are also pre-screened and double-opted before participating in surveys to ensure they suit the study and provide the highest quality responses. Panels help elevate data to maximize business impact by providing researchers with ideal respondents.

What differentiates a regular panel from an exceptional one?

QuestionPro’s panel houses more than 22 million online panelists around the globe. We recruit these respondents by collecting more than 300+ profile data points – but this is normal. It is an industry-standard followed by every major player. So what does QuestionPro Audience do differently to make more than a thousand companies and individual researchers trust us? Recruiting panelists is not the most challenging part. We take measures to ensure you capture the correct data from the right audience within the stipulated timeframe. Here’s why we’re different:

  1. Data quality:

Without good research data, your study will lead nowhere. High-quality data is crucial for any research study and is the foundation for well-informed decision-making. QuestionPro takes industry-leading measures to curb and eliminate poor-quality respondents, responses, and data with industry-leading behavioral and technological audience verifications. To begin with, we profile each individual thoroughly at recruitment and update their profiles regularly. Every member is pre-screened and double-opted in, ensuring that only suitable respondents answer the survey. We also analyze respondent behavior and eliminate professional survey-takers, straight liners, extreme responding, and neutral responders. 

  1. Service levels:

Every research study is separate and has to be handled differently. Our experienced project managers offer impeccable white-glove service, with particular attention to details to suit your research type. When it comes to customer service, we follow a streamlined, disciplined approach. We usually respond within 30 minutes of your inquiry and offer a bid within an hour. Our experts ensure the survey is fielded to the right audience and high-quality data is collected. We are open to discussions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  1. General pricing:

The panels’ cost depends on three primary factors – the sample size, the survey length, and the sample criteria. We’ve priced our survey panels pretty aggressively. Yes, we offer an extremely competitive price without compromising on quality. Incentivizing respondents is necessary to gather crucial information within a limited time. Most panelists provide their expertise for something in return. With a combination of gamified rewards and gift cards, we heavily incentivize our actual human respondents to ensure the panel’s longevity and health.

  1. Innovative tools and technology:

Innovation is at the core of our business, and over the years, we have taken the necessary steps to help researchers quickly reach respondents with ease. Need 80+ verification points on your respondents? We have that in place. Narrow down on your research sample and ensure only the right people take the survey.

  • DIY respondents: Field your study through our DIY tool. Choose your research sample without any human intervention in three easy steps. Simply choose your sample criteria, select the study, and deploy the survey. Sit back and watch responses come in within minutes.
  • Instant Answers with Slack integration: Need convenience? Use Instant Answers. We’ve harnessed the power of Slack to help you conduct high-frequency research and instantly reach out to respondents. Simply post the question via Slack, select the region, sample size, and language. You’ll receive responses from a nationally representative, census-balanced sample directly in Slack within minutes.
  • Edu Answers: To stay within budgets, pay only $1 per interview and get census-balanced respondents. Spend less time worrying about panel respondents and more time analyzing your insights.
  • MyPinions panel: We bring diverse groups of individuals belonging to different demographic backgrounds under one single panel. You do not need to use multiple vendors to capture responses for a single project. We also run an end-to-end Communities platform. Build your community, or we can help with the recruitment so you can engage members through surveys, questionnaires, polls, video discussions, and a lot more.

Select your respondents

  1. Next-level customer relationship:

Research is not the most straightforward business, and finding the right audience mix can get challenging, especially for novice or relatively new researchers. Research studies evolve continuously, and new unforeseen challenges arise all the time. We are aware of the questions that may arise and are fully equipped to help you overcome them. Helping researchers collect timely data with utmost accuracy is our goal, and we are open to assist you during any part of your journey. Tim Cornelius, our Director of Audience, is available any minute of the day to have a chat, even over his cell phone. You can reach out to us with any query, and we’ll be sure to answer them to the best of our ability.

  1. Thought leadership:

With QuestionPro Audience, you get more than just a research sample. We run multiple thought leadership initiatives as we also specialize in end-to-end Market Research Services. Catch Dan Fleetwood, our President of Research and Insights and co-author of several white papers on sample data quality, every Friday at Live with Dan as he discusses all things research. He brings on a special guest every week, often industry experts, to share their unfiltered thoughts on research trends, techniques, and advancing research – something that will shape your research better.

  1. Reputation:

QuestionPro, a small company, embraced bootstrapping and has grown ever since its inception in 2005. Over the years, we’ve grown to serve and fuel answers to large enterprise customers’ most burning questions. Today, QuestionPro’s Survey Platform, Research Tool, and Audience network is highly-rated and well trusted by organizations – both big and small, universities, individual researchers, and nonprofit organizations. When it comes to market research, not many players can conduct end-to-end market research. We undertake survey designing, sampling, fielding, community handling, data quality and health checks, and data analysis, all under one roof. Our reputation has grown and seems to grow each year as we discover new, technology-backed, more straightforward, but better ways to do research.

Select your respondents

Gather no-pause insights with QuestionPro Audience. Access 22 million panelists worldwide directly here, or write to us at to know more about Audience panels.