Investing in employee feedback and satisfaction to create a winning workforce

Investing-in-employee-feedback-and-satisfaction-to-create-a-winning-workforce (1)

Every organization claims to be deeply invested in employee satisfaction, however a look at their Glassdoor reviews might show a different picture. It is not to say that every one of these companies are lying about it, perhaps they are indeed trying to know their employees better and making efforts to increase their satisfaction rate. However, doing something and doing something right are not the same thing.

When copying becomes a sad cult

In the past businesses could get away by copying employee engagement tactics expecting that they would have the same result in their own offices, and in most cases that would work out pretty well.

But workplaces today are not black and white like the dress codes 10 years back. They have become just as dynamic as the people working in these spaces. In other words, there is no room for standardised work culture anymore.

When businesses say that they want to invest in employee satisfaction, they need to do so through a platform that will allow them to take direct employee feedback in the most efficient manner and use the insights to create a truly winning work culture!

Getting workable and real insights from your employees

Real human insights are the key to building and sustaining a work culture that leads to productive and satisfied employees. For this what you require is an Insights Platforms and not just any survey tool out there. Data is meaningless without analytics.

QuestionPro Workforce is The Human Insights Platform and Not another HR management tool.

It is a comprehensive employee engagement platform allows you to capture your office “vibe” in real-time and gives you deep insights about your employees. You can also run Weekly Pulse to get a sense of the mood and morale of your workplace. Top this up with Organization Health Index (OHI) measurement, Workforce 360 surveys and feedback from employees, a dedicated IdeaBoard for “crowdsourcing” workable ideas from employees, cross-team benchmarking and Workforce Genome to identify the key factors that define your organization in the view of your employee.

Success begins from the inside – your workplace. Leaders across the board have always said that to get satisfied customers, you must first have satisfied employees. Meaningfully investing in your own people is one form of investment where you can be sure of getting tremendous returns!