360 feedback tool – what it means and why to use it

What is meant by a 360 feedback tool?

A 360 feedback tool is an online platform that automates the process of acquiring 360-degree feedback. The 360 feedback program is predominantly used in the workforce for gathering performance feedback for an employee. The process has been proved to be more effective in assisting individuals to understand their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to that, it also helps employees to focus on specific aspects of their work needing professional development.  Similarly, businesses are now using a 360 feedback tool or the 360 feedback program to get detailed insights about their product or services for strengthening their decision-making process.

A few decades back, we transitioned from the industrial age to Globalization. Now, we are already in the middle of the Information age. Moving with time and evolving with technology, the multidimensional 360 feedback tool online changed the role of competence within the organizations. An excellent 360 feedback tool is now helping organizations in creating a comprehensive questionnaire aimed at gathering observations from many layers within and outside the organization guiding self-analysis.

With the help of a comprehensive 360 feedback tool, you can create a brief questionnaire that will help you collect quality data. The data that helps in effectively measuring the market standing of a product/brand against a list of competencies. When you have a feedback tool at your disposal, it becomes easier to develop a competency model developed within the organization using a targeted questionnaire. Just need to ensure that the feedback questionnaire covers every aspect of performance like leadership, communication, teamwork, etc. in workforce culture and packaging, cost, quality, quantity, etc. in a feedback survey. 

Also called a multi-source assessment, the 360-degree feedback is a method or a process utilized to assess the performance of an individual or brand or product or services. There are several people involved from employees, to stakeholders and from customers to manufacturers in the process of giving feedback. The valuable inputs from various sources are mainly used for learning and development.

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Why you need a 360 Feedback Tool

Surf the internet, and you will find a variety of free 360 feedback tools competing with each other to convince how and why they are different. From live chat tools to email tools, everyone promotes themselves as the best feedback tool, is it so? Well! We do not doubt them, but we have our notions, and we have to decide which free 360 online feedback tool best suits our needs.

Let’s start with the expedition; the first thing is to ask questions so that respondents can provide their inputs. And to ask questions, you need a tool that allows enough scope to create a questionnaire with versatile question types. Presenting an online survey tool – a tool that is comprehensive enough to support your motive of creating a feedback questionnaire. A prominent feedback survey software like QuestionPro doubles up as a helpful 360 feedback tool. Currently, numerous organizations, schools, universities, as well as government and non-government organizations use our 360 feedback tool to collect 360-degree feedback. 

Features of a 360 feedback tool

It’s easy to use:

  • It’s a no brainer. One of the prime reasons you want a feedback tool is to lessen your efforts and carry out the entire process smoothly and effectively. The software and technology evolved in the first place to make human life more comfortable. Thus, a fully featured 360 feedback tool offers the added ease and flexibility you need.
  • In a typical organization, multiple employees use the online feedback tool. A smart 360 feedback tool understands your motive and purpose. Hence, we developed it with a drag-and-drop interface, which ensures even the non-coders or novice technology users can participate in the 360 feedback process by creating a valid survey questionnaire on the go. 
  • A useful 360 feedback survey tool comes with an abundance of training videos, podcasts, and help files. It ensures the user does not have to depend on others to learn and master specific features in the tool.
  • Hosting webinars recurrently to explain updates and newly introduced features is a common practice amongst the best feedback tool providers.
  • An excellent feedback tool does not have merely all these features but also has a responsible, helpful, and responsive customer support team.
  • A good looking and attractive UI plays a vital role in bringing the ease of use in the tool. Therefore, when you select the best 360 feedback tool, you ought to get a responsive and attractive UI that makes your survey building and feedback gathering journey, engaging, appealing, and enjoyable.

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It’s full of excellent features

  • A 360 feedback tool can be a stand-alone platform or a smaller part of a comprehensive feedback survey tool. Both serve the purpose of achieving your motive in minimum efforts and with great results.
  • A trusted and effective 360 feedback tool will provide you with ample templates to design the questionnaire. In addition to that, it will offer you numerous options like email, QR codes, SMS, etc. to distribute and share your 360 feedback surveys. 
  • A good survey is incomplete if it does not have logic options. On the contrary, a handsome feedback tool comes with different logic scenarios and branching options you can utilize to make your surveys engaging, appealing, and result-oriented.
  • The tool will always come with inbuilt plugins. These plugins will make it easier to distribute your surveys and collect responses within or from out of the organization. Opting for a 360feedback tool that has different plugins available will save you a lot of effort and hardships in the process.
  • Even google forms allow you to create feedback forms, but is that enough? What you need is versatility in questions. An excellent feedback tool provides you with numerous question types from NPS (Net Promoter Score) to multimedia questions (questions containing audios, videos, and images ), single/multiple-choice questions, linker scale, smiley faces to ranking queries and much more.
  • These are just a few of the features a free online feedback tool provides. Yet, they are very much essential to tweak your survey and make it more compelling as well as user-friendly.
  • If you want more, you can always look out for purpose-specific features or innovative solutions that are in-line with your requirements.

It has in-built analysis and reporting

  • When you can create a survey and distribute it among the selected respondents, it is but evident that you want to analyze the responses gathered. A fully featured 360 feedback tool provides a wholesome analytic platform within the tool.
  • Automated analysis of the collected data at scale with just a few clicks is the new reality of modern feedback tools. With the different features and analytic options included in the platform, anyone using the tool can easily understand the data at any point in time.
  • Expect a customizable dashboard from an intuitive 360 feedback management software so that you can see only those metrics depending on which you want to analyze your feedback survey. In addition to that, you can download the reports in multiple formats and customize them using filters matching your needs.
  • An excellent tool understands the difference between useful data and bad data so that you can analyze only valuable data to derive insights. A data quality tool is a good addition in a feedback survey software, so do check out if the tool you selected offers this option or not.
  • What more would you ask for when you can group and categorize the respondents based on their satisfaction level. After all, when you know who is satisfied and who is not when you can use the results precisely to take action accordingly.
  • Get analytics and reports that are reflecting the Key Performance Indices or KPI’s for easy tracking and correlating customer or employee satisfaction with the different focused areas.

It’s flexible and customizable

  • Often you have customers, influencers, and respondents who are not limited to one platform or the same channel you are using. It is hard to reach out to the scattered audience for gathering their precious feedback. That’s why you need a flexible 360 feedback tool.
  • A good flexible feedback software is developed to provide you with diverse integration options so you do not have to leave any touchpoint that could be accessed to collect valuable feedback data.
  • How do you plan to collect feedback, or for what purpose you are receiving feedback? It’s one question that makes your journey of finding a suitable feedback tool a lot more straightforward. If you plan to collect feedback during events, then you want a tool that supports offline mode or hosts an offline mobile survey app. Additionally, it supports kiosk surveys and tablet surveys, as well.
  • Expect the feedback tool to provide you with the simple integration with different third-party tools or CRM’s to enhance the reach of the survey aimed to enhance the data quality.
  • Moreover, the feedback tool provides enough opportunities and flexibility to customize the surveys you created to match your brand guidelines.
  • A 360 feedback tool is everything you could wish for as you can not only customize feedback surveys, but you can customize the dashboard, analytic filters, results, as well as notifications.

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Wrapping Up

Until now, we have discussed the features, qualities, and characteristics of good feedback software. Now it’s time to give you more details about the ultimate 360 feedback software.

Initially, the majority of feedback tools used to market themselves as an online feedback survey maker tool, but in the long run, you will understand that a survey maker does a lot more than just surveys. For example, a customer feedback survey with a star rating or NPS question would give you the details of a satisfied customer. Conversely, it will also give you a list of unsatisfied customers, which can be handed over to the customer success team for ensuring the reason and action items required for their transformation from being dissatisfied to satisfied customers.

One of the best things about a trusted 360 feedback tool is it not only creates the questionnaire, but it also ensures that the questionnaire is adaptable to the respondent. For instance, if you ask an NPS or star rating question at the start of the feedback survey, then it becomes easier to gauge the satisfaction level of the respondent. Depending on their reply, you can apply logic to lead the respondent to the next suitable question, which will be a delightful experience for the respondent. An unsatisfied customer is lead to the specific issue due to which he feels unhappy and is made to leave the survey. On the contrary, a satisfied customer is poked in detail to understand everything that makes him happy and his suggestions, which, if introduced, will make him even more content. Thus in a free 360 feedback tool, you can easily create questions that make an instant connection with the respondents.

In short, using QuestionPro as a 360 feedback tool is a win-win situation for both the surveyor and the respondent. It helps to create a relationship with your respondents, which is trusted, reliable, respected and rewarded.

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