Simple Random Sampling: Definition
Simple random sampling is a sampling technique where every item in the population has an even chance and likelihood of being selected in the sample. Here the selection of items completely depends on chance or by probability and therefore this sampling technique is also sometimes known as a method of chances. 

Probability Sampling: Definition
Probability Sampling is a sampling technique in which sample from a larger population are chosen using a method based on the theory of probability. For a participant to be considered as a probability sample, he/she must be selected using a random selection. 
The most important requirement of probability sampling is that everyone in your population has a known and an equal chance of getting selected.

Census regions are probably the last thing you think about when procuring Hispanic sample. Language, acculturation, and country of origin are likely at the top of your list. However, census regions are linked to all of the above.
The Hispanic population distribution in the U.S. is considerably different than the rest of the population. For example, 37.6% of the U.S….

Why do a survey?
The basic purpose for conducting a survey is to gain information to help with planning and marketing decisions.  Whether your business involves a product or a service, having reliable information about what your customers want is essential.   A survey is an objective tool for obtaining this information through asking questions to a sample of your current or potential customers….

What is National Representative Sample?

Today’s guest post comes from Chris DeAngelis, an expert in designing sampling solutions for a wide range of telephone and online research projects for commercial research firms, government, and academia. You can reach him at
When researchers ask for a nationally representative (“nat. rep.”) sample, they mean that the population of interest is the entire population of the country in question and that the sample should reflect this in its structure….