Why you should not outsource your Human Resources and HR Analytics


When it comes to business, the ‘World is Flat’. Countries and companies tend to come closer in the view of business growth through smart measures, and sometimes that includes outsourcing some job roles. This doesn’t always have to mean shipping off jobs to other countries, outsourcing may very well happen within the boundaries of the country.

Outsourcing a certain process, or as we know by its common term, Business Process Outsourcing, allows any business to utilize shared resources in other companies to get a job done effectively, by specialists and at a lower cost. This doesn’t just lead to cost saving, but also allows an organization to focus their man-power, resources and infrastructure on their core services or products.

Human Resource department – The upper ceiling of outsourcing

However, there are some departments in any organization that simply cannot to be shipped off. These are the jobs that always require one leg on the ground. And one such core job is that of the Human Resources department.

Often companies forget that HR is more than just recruitment. Infact, the most important role of an HR starts after recruiting employees – To engage them and create a healthy, sustainable and winning work culture.

Trying to outsource a ground-level and key process like this is like HR is like expecting someone to garden your backyard from 100 miles away!

“Listening” to your employees

It is also the job of the human resources department, alongside the senior management, to truly “listen” to their employees. This means, keeping a tab on employee sensitivities, their overall workplace motivation levels, ensuring a healthy level of transparency in communication and helping create an overall positive and productive work environment.

While HRs are the key to ensuring that these tasks are done effectively, there are tools available today that can help them do their job even more effectively! Yes, we are talking about HR Analytics.

“Measuring” the office vibe!

QuestionPro Workforce allows the top management and HR leaders to conduct company-wide 360 degree employee engagement surveys. The information collected is automatically converted into analytics and visualizations for deep and powerful data-driven insights. In other words, instead of speculating the office vibe, organizations can now “measure” and “analyse” it!

However, several organizations also tend to misunderstand the role of such human resource insights platforms. They draw the conclusion that with products like Workforce, they won’t need an HR to understand how employees feel at work or keep tabs of individual employee’s conduct and productivity.

“Actionable” insights

However, the facts are quite the opposite. While you do receive “actionable insights”, someone needs to decide, stimulate and execute these actions! And this is best done by people who specialize in it – the HRs.

It can be tempting to call the shots yourself and save money on HR departments, however, while information can be insightful, a misstep in real action can be a disaster.

This is why most successful businesses understand that HR and HR Analytics are mutually beneficial in creating and sustaining a winning work culture. Neither are they dispensable, nor do they qualify for outsourcing.