Best Survey Software for 2021: QuestionPro

As we step into the new year, any organization would want to build an agile business that caters to the dynamic needs of the market. But how do you gauge and forecast the needs of the customers? By collecting data through an online survey software, of course.

Businesses now consider market sentiment more important than ever. Tools like our survey software help you collect customers’ preferences, experience, and expectations data at various points of interaction.

To gain credible insights, you must collect accurate data from the right audience. To collect accurate data, you must design your survey that asks the right questions.

Is your survey designed to ask only relevant questions? Are you equipped with the tools that will enable you to achieve your goals?

How do you know your tool is “The best survey software”? 

The results define whether you are using the best-in-the-industry.

Well, you might be happy with the results, but do you know if you can further optimize them to offer better insights.

Here’s what we suggest to look for while choosing the survey software in 2021. 

How to choose the best survey software in 2021?

All that you would want in a survey software can be categorized as one of the below. Base your decisions keeping these factors in mind.

How to choose best survey software in 2021

1. Comprehensive feature-packed platform

Check whether the software supports the real-life scenarios and enables you to ask different question types in the survey. Find out what types of validation you can apply to the answer options. It will help you collect accurate data and minimize your effort for cleaning the data.

Equally important is asking the right questions to the right participants. Seeing irrelevant questions might prompt someone to quit the survey. Survey logic helps in presenting the relevant questions to the respondents. Hence learn more about the different logic types that a tool offers.

2. Ease of use

Some of the characteristics of an user-friendly tool are intuitive design, easy navigation, and ability to integrate with other tools. A standalone survey software might work for individual researchers or small size projects. Enterprises often need to see a holistic picture. They need to connect the survey solution with standard CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Hubspot, or marketing and automation tools.

Check if your 2021 survey software supports your primary business applications and has a gentle learning curve.

3. Reporting capabilities

How well does the survey platform make sense out of the data? Do you get what’s needed to grow your business? Does it offer meaningful insights into customer experience and satisfaction levels? These are some of the questions you must answer before selecting a survey software in 2021. 

Researchers often need to export data or share results with the team. A good tool should offer you these capabilities with an intuitive user interface.

4. Customer testimonials

Go through the product reviews and customer testimonials on sites like G2, Capterra and others to know an honest opinion of the users. Check ratings, detailed reviews and learn more about the experience of the customers.

5. Customer support

You might have questions even after weeks/months of use or face some technical issues. Check the customer service policy and in what ways you can connect with their representative. Know for how long you might need to wait before they get back to you. 

Generally, a good survey software company offers multiple ways to connect with them. The premium users might get instant help or may need to wait up to 24 hrs maximum.

6. Price

Of course. It’s an important parameter to select a survey solution. Most tools offer free access for 7 days or so, post which you need to upgrade. However, some of them let you use the free version for a longer time. Compare the features offered in various paid plans and find out the best option that suits your needs.

Why is QuestionPro the best survey platform for 2021?

 While this may sound like blowing one’s own trumpet, we have reasons for claiming the title of “best survey software of 2021”.

1. Feature packed 

We offer 40+ question types designed to suit various basic and advanced survey needs. You can add multiple-choice questions, graphical questions, choice-model questions, and many more to your questionnaire. Add images, audio, or video-based questions to collect customer feedback using multiple file types. 

Create a library for frequently used questions to save time and customize answer options as you like. We let you add commonly used options from the in-built scale library so that you don’t have to add them manually.

Learn more: Survey question types

You can use 15+ logic methods to customize the survey flow. Show or hide questions and options based on the answer previously chosen by the respondent. Or create answer options based on the multiple options selected in the previous question. With them, you can ask relevant questions only to your participants.

You can also collect respondent’s information like browser, operating system, device type, location, etc., and pass to question or answer text. To give a more personalized experience, you can use this data to create a custom thank you page or offer rewards.

Learn more: Survey programming

2. Ease of use

QuestionPro has been designed and developed keeping in mind the wide range of our customers. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced researcher, our simple, easy-to-learn platform lets you send surveys under 5 minutes!

QuestionPro has won the ‘Leader Winter 2021’ badge on the popular software review G2 with a score of 9.1 out of 10 for ease of setup.

  • Highest number of free features in the survey industry

We offer 80+ survey features for free as part of our essentials plan. You don’t need a credit card, and it’s free for a lifetime. No other market research software offers these many features for free.

Learn more: Survey software features

  • 350+ Free survey templates

Don’t want to create a questionnaire? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Create a survey from more than 350 ready-made templates that are totally free. They have been prepared by our experts having years of experience. You can also customize them as per your requirements. 

Our template library consists of customer surveys, employee surveys, product surveys, healthcare surveys, and many more. All you need is a QuestionPro account and you’re good to go.

Learn more: 350+ Free survey templates and examples

  • Theme customization 

Change the look and feel of your questionnaire with custom font type, color, logo, header, and footer. Create professional surveys with custom CSS that matches your brand style and tone. Select from standard themes or create your own.

Learn more: Survey themes

  • Support for multiple languages

You can design questionnaires in 95+ languages to cater to your global audience. Create multilingual email templates and use them as per the language of your contacts. You can also let your respondents choose the language of their preference while answering the survey.

Learn more: Multilingual surveys

  • Integration with 20+ essential business applications

Gain a multidimensional view of your survey results by integrating QuestionPro with data visualization tools like Tableau. You can integrate our platform with the leading CRMs and marketing automation tools like Hubspot. Such feedback and experience data collection at multiple levels of the customer journey enables our users to increase customer satisfaction and NPS score in different ways.

Learn more: Integrate surveys with other apps

  • Intuitive dashboard 

Get a bird’s view on the survey performance, including the number of people who viewed, opened, completed, or dropped out of the survey. You can also view the responses to questions and customize the scoring model and scale. Configure different chart types like bar, pie, line, or column and download the data for individual questions in various formats.

Learn more: Survey dashboard

3. Reporting capabilities

Generate 25+ survey reports or export data in standard formats like .xls, .spss, and others. Apply filters based on questions, demographics, location, device, etc. You can view data and generate reports based on custom variables storing respondent specific data.

Compare historical data and identify trends from the data analysis report. Advanced researchers can create statistical reports like TURF analysis, GAP analysis, correlation analysis, cross-tabulation, and others. To save on time, users can schedule automatic report generation and get mailed in their inbox.

Learn more: Survey reports

4. Data quality 

Who likes buggy data? We let our users remove the poor quality data so that they can make correct decisions. Avoid one-word answers, random selection, duplicate responses, and more with our data quality tool powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Learn more: Survey data quality tool

5. Enterprise collaboration

Share reports or survey folders to work collectively and gain inputs from your team. You can also create roles and assign permissions to control access. So, based on the role, you can let your team members use the different features of the survey software.

Learn more: Custom user roles

6. Customer support 

Need help? No worries. We offer support over call, email, and chat, 24/7! Our users can also enroll for free training or access our extensive documentation library.

Learn more: Chat support for surveys

What do our customers have to say?

Our customers make us what we are. QuestionPro is used by students, individual researchers, SMEs and enterprises. Some of our elite customers include Microsoft, Amazon, P&G, University of California, Berkeley and many others.

  • BMW

QuestionPro helped BMW conduct surveys and gather decision-relevant information. With our Audience platform employing more 22M members from diverse backgrounds, BMW could quickly conduct panel studies and collect high quality data.

“The flexible and responsive project management meets our requirements for the short-term nature and speed of studies to a high degree. The quality and proactivity of the project support as well as the speed in the implementation of the reporting also meets the highest demands.” – Dr. Josef Köster, Team leader customer segmentation, customer foresight and innovation studies, BMW.

Read detailed case study here.

  • American Cancer Society

ACS partnered with QuestionPro Communities to supplement their paper surveys with an online participant portal. It helps ACS touch base with participants more often with shorter surveys and collect feedback quickly. ACS can now gather insights they need to make critical decisions with speed and accuracy.

“QuestionPro is helping us to save lives. One survey at a time.” – Melissa Rittase, Scientist, Department of Population Science, American Cancer Society.

Read detailed case study here

Try it out the Best Survey Software

Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. Create a lifetime-free essential account today and explore our tool. Let us know if you have any queries or face challenges. We are sure you would consider QuestionPro as the best survey software for 2021.