Automotive Reputation Management: What it is + Tools

Online presence and online reputation are essential elements for any business. However, the automotive industry’s presence has always represented a clear differentiator for standing out from the high competition in their markets. For this reason, in this article, we want to talk about automotive reputation management and how to implement it as part of your processes.

These types of methodologies can become very complex and encompass various technologies. However, the return on investment and the benefits they can bring are many, so it is worth bearing in mind, especially if we want to achieve our business goals.

In this article, we will discuss everything to consider and why an automotive reputation management program can become a great ally that allows you to take your projects to new levels.

What is Automotive Reputation Management?

It is known as Automotive Reputation Management, to the series of initiatives and methodologies implemented by a company in the automotive industry to correctly monitor and control its online presence or what is said about it in front channels to the customer to influence the perception of potential consumers positively.

Within this process, various methodologies can be included, ranging from monitoring such as social listening or customer reviews sites to crisis management or communication processes that allow us to improve our interactions with potential clients.

There are many reasons why you should be very clear about this type of area of opportunity. Below, we mention some of the main reasons to start seriously considering it.

Importance of Automotive Reputation Management

Online reputation is one of the most relevant touchpoints in the car buyer’s journey, so having a clear vision of what is being said about your business is essential when implementing strategies and improving the first impression people make when purchasing products. or services that we offer have on our establishment.

If we do an imagination practice and put ourselves in the place of someone who wants to buy a car, what do you think they would do? Going out to the streets dreaming of spotting the ideal car deal, or doing a quick search on Google Maps to find the existing car dealership where you live? The answer is obvious.

Now, among all the results obtained, it is clear that the location will play an important role. Still, without a doubt, something that will be a determining factor when choosing the best option will be the comments of the people and the score that these establishments have.

This is just a simple example of the importance of having correct automotive reputation management. Thanks to it, you can ensure that your establishment does not have a low score, appears effectively in search engines, and generates trust among new prospects.

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Automotive Reputation Management: Benefits

The benefits of correctly implementing an automotive reputation management program cover various areas and dimensions. Below we list some of the most outstanding:

  • Online Presence: It is not a mystery that search engines aim to offer the best possible result to people’s queries. For this, they use various parameters and variables, most unknown to people. Having a website optimized for SEO is just the tip of the iceberg.In addition to good content, it is necessary to reinforce the online presence through social networks, customer review platforms, and web mapping platforms such as Google Maps or Foursquare. In this way, people will be able to find more easily with your site and establishment more, increasing your physical and online prospects.
  • Credibility and trust: One of the most common practices within automotive reputation management is publicly responding to user questions and comments. This not only allows you to provide a prompt solution to the person who created the publication but also gives confidence to other people who read your response and perceive your establishment as reliable and attentive to the concerns of interested people.Acquiring a car is not something to do lightly, so giving this type of signal from the first moment is essential to finalize the sale and increase our profit margins.
  • Crisis Management: A dissatisfied customer can cause a lot of damage to the reputation of your business, often unjustifiably. Therefore, having a social monitoring program and the appropriate communication channels can allow you to correctly manage your customers’ dissatisfaction and prevent them from becoming detractors of your brand and, with the necessary measures, achieve loyalty and convert them into promoters.
  • Close ties with owners and prospects: A good reputation is not only achieved by taking care of what happens until the moment of purchase, but it is necessary to go a little further and also take care of what happens later. Here the customer journey plays a very important role, since having a clear vision of all the touchpoints will allow you to establish which will be the points where your customers can share their opinions, evaluate your service and products, and give you their general opinion about each aspect of your experience.

This will allow you to detect potential brand ambassadors from whom you can learn and obtain valuable resources such as testimonials, feedback, and honest opinions to further improve your customers’ attention.

QuestionPro Autox and its Automotive Reputation Management feature

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