Key Considerations when Choosing an Employee Engagement Survey Partner

So, the time has come to find a great partner to take your employee experience strategy to the next level. finding the right survey software is one of the most important parts of your strategy. 

Employee surveys are critical for measuring employee engagement, and to get the most out of it, it’s important to have the best technology that helps you to ask the right questions and deliver the most actionable data. And remember, employee engagement doesn’t start and stop with the survey itself. Your survey partner should provide numerous opportunities to authentically collect and understand what your workforce is trying to tell you. 

As you begin your search, more than likely you will consider more than one organization as an eligible partner. . In that partner you will look for a trusted ally that makes your life easier, provides continuous value and expertise to support your goals, and sets your business up for success. Here are some key things we suggest for you to consider when choosing the right employee engagement survey partner:

Expertise with people and not just data

Having a strong technology in place for a continuous listening strategy is important, but it’s no longer enough. Partnering with a company who has a deep expertise on the labor market market trends can make sure that not only are you collecting accurate and reliable data, but that you are asking your employees the best questions that will result in the most powerful and actionable insights as well.

If you’re looking for more of an extended member of your team, look for a partner that offers data experts to help you interpret results, create reports, and guide you through next steps. One example is QuestionPro’s  Positive People Science team, who can partner with you from vision to execution of your strategy.

Analytics & Reporting

Data isn’t helpful if you can’t look at it from perspectives that are meaningful to your organization. The best analytics tools provide a deeper understanding of employee’s points of view and a path for you to show them they’re heard. For example, it’s important for the survey platform to provide analysis of data by location, team, manager division, as well as different demographics and present data in multiple forms, so you can get the information that is most timely and relevant for the particular initiatives you are focusing on.

Look for a survey partner that makes it easy for your team to:

  • Design the surveys you need to understand and improve the experience of your employees.
  • Make the most of your data with real-time insights on better managing organizational culture and driving performance.
  • Find the best levers to push at different parts of the organization to achieve positive change.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effects of each of the actions you took.

Positive People Science

Your survey partner should have a critical vision for what’s next in employee engagement and continuously share those ideas and resources with you. They should be just as invested in helping your employees, teams, and organization be successful as you are.

An amazing Customer Success team

There are a great number of survey technologies to choose from on the market today. Very few, unfortunately, offer a dedicated success team to accompany the technology. And well, most of us who have worked with a technology know that occasionally, no matter how great the technology is, we we will really appreciate some help navigating through, whether we are stuck and need help with a tight deadline, or want to make sure we are really taking full advantage of all the available features and functionalities.

This is why it’s important to look for a partner that prioritizes service even after the survey launch, who has a dedicated customer success team who makes sure you get the most out of our platform and expertise and 24/7 support that will make a huge difference in the execution of your strategy.

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Continued innovation and product enhancements

Find a survey partner that helps you address the challenges your company faces now—and will face in the future, and is as invested in helping your employees, teams, and organization be successful as you are.

If you plan to place more emphasis on your continuous listening strategies, QuestionPro Workforce is a powerful survey and analytics tool that helps you discover how the insights gathered through employee engagement surveys will help you build a stronger culture and a better business.