Live polls for Classroom Experience in the Digital Age

Teachers have an increasingly complex challenge: coupling new technologies and gadgets in the classroom. A great way to promote class participation is by using new technologies. Students can express their opinions and give feedback in real-time using these tools. A great example is the increasing popularity of online surveys and live polls for classroom experience.

Most professors seek ways to encourage participation, track student learning, or collect impressions and opinions through simple forms of voting and obtaining information.

In addition, thanks to new technologies, we have many applications and systems that can be used quickly, efficiently, and for free. Let’s talk about it.

What are Live polls for classroom?

Live polls for classroom are tools that use questions and data to improve the learning experience. We’re experiencing a new approach to teaching in the digital era using technological tools.

Teaching has the task of innovating in the tools it uses to capture students’ attention while implementing new methods or systems that improve the effectiveness of classes.

Student polls and classroom surveys may be underestimated. Their potential is much broader than what is currently used by most professors.

Student participation can constantly improve. Interactive activities are the ideal way to achieve this. Students can also use surveys and online questionnaires in their projects.

Live polls for Classroom in the Digital Era

Students will understand the importance of collaborative work and data collection. These are students of the new age, and, like everyone else, they inhabit the digital world.

It is essential for education to evolve jointly with them in their technological evolution. Otherwise, educators would be at a disadvantage concerning the knowledge of their students.

One of the best ways to integrate new technologies into the classroom is through tools. The use of devices and software that students can easily manipulate and find entertaining is essential.

Student participation is necessary for learning development, so integrating technologies into education is inevitable.

Currently, there are several options and products to incorporate activities like live polls for classroom. However, several teachers have found it necessary to look for the best alternative to Kahoot and Slido, for example.

These circumstances are due to the fact that the needs of the students are increasingly broad, and the search for better options is never-ending.

5 Benefits of using tools like live polls for classroom

It is essential to recognize that students today are interested in and engaged in technology, creating many opportunities that schools and teachers can benefit from by integrating innovation into the classroom.

Below, you can find some of the main benefits of using technology in the classroom:

1. Student engagement

Livepolls offers different opportunities to make learning more dynamic and enjoyable. When technology integrates into lessons, students tend to be more interested in their study subjects. The result allows the teaching of the same lectures in new ways. Some examples are:

  • Teaching through games and activities.

  • Taking students on virtual field trips.

  • Using other online learning resources.

Additionally, technology can encourage more active participation in the learning process, which may be challenging to achieve in a traditional conference environment.

2. Knowledge retention

Students who are engaged and interested in their lectures have better knowledge retention. As mentioned before, technology can help encourage active participation in the classroom, which is also a significant factor in increasing knowledge retention.

Teachers can use different forms of technology to experiment and decide what works best for students. They achieve it with platforms that include an extensive list of fun activities for students.

3. Teamwork

Technology can foster collaboration with students in the same room, school, and even with other classrooms worldwide. Students can practice collaboration skills by engaging in different online activities. For example, working on various projects collaborating with others in forums, or sharing documents in their virtual learning environments.

4. Individual skills

By using technology in the classroom, both teachers and students can develop essential new skills. Students can gain the abilities they will need to succeed in the future. Everyday learning can look like this:

  • Complex problem-solving.
  • Using critical thinking.
  • Enriching motivation.
  • Cooperating with others.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Developing communication skills.
  • Acquiring leadership skills.

In addition, technology can help develop many practical skills, such as creating presentations, learning how to tell trusted sources from untrustworthy sources on the Internet, maintaining proper etiquette online, and writing emails correctly.

5. Individual learning

No one learns the same way due to different learning styles and abilities. Learning becomes one of the most notorious perks of the use of technology effectively. For example, students can learn at their own pace, review complex concepts, or skip them if they need to.

Additionally, technology can provide more opportunities for struggling students. Internet access gives students access to a wide range of resources to conduct research and assignments in various ways.

Benefits for teachers

Technology can help improve teaching in many ways. Teachers can use a variety of trusted apps or online resources to enhance traditional teaching methods and keep students more engaged in the subject.

Virtual lesson plans, grading software, and online assessments can help educators save a lot of time. Teachers can use this valuable time to work with students with different needs. Furthermore, virtual learning environments in schools improve teachers’ collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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