Top 15 questions for new hire questionnaire

A new hire questionnaire refers to a set of questions that are asked during/after the employee onboarding procedure of new employees in the organization.

Finding and recruiting the right kind of talent for your company takes a certain skill set. If you are the Human Resources Manager and reading this article you will tend to agree with me.

Perfect matches are made in heaven may hold true for marriages but when it comes to finding the perfect match for your organization, you cannot just rely on the heaven above. It takes time and effort to find the right candidates.

New hire onboarding is an extremely important process and should not be taken lightly. This is the first step of welcoming the new hires into the organization and you better make it the best experience for your employees.

There are startling statistics given in the U.S data regarding employee onboarding:

  • Nearly 33% of new hires look for better opportunities in the first 6 months of their current job
  • 23% leave even before they complete 2 years
  • Turnover costs range from a whopping 100% to 300% to replace the employees
  • New hire takes on an average of 8 months to reach full potential to perform well at work.

Don’t panic! There is good news here. Employees who go through a structured onboarding process are 58% likely to remain in the organization for up to 3+ years.

A new hire questionnaire can be deployed on a monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly basis (whatever suits your business style). Asking new joiners for employee feedback, especially in their early weeks or months of employment reinforces gratitude.

New employees can feel a bit overwhelming as everything around them is new. If you are upper-level management you need to make sure your managers are not only technically sound but also proficient in soft skills.

The bottom line here is, organizational benefit lies in employee retention, reduced time to productivity, and constantly improving your onboarding process. To do so you will need a good new hire questionnaire to collect feedback and responses.

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Top 15 questions for new hire questionnaire

If you want to make your hiring and onboarding process seamless and robust, here are the top 15 questions for your new hire questionnaire:

Questions to ask after week one

Your employee(s) are still adjusting to the organization’s culture and it is still is pretty much new for them, try and collect their feedback by asking them the following questions:

1. What are the three things you liked about the onboarding process?

2. What attributes of your job excite you the most?

3. What aspects of your job are you worried about?

4. Are you satisfied with the information shared with you at the time of onboarding?

5. Have you finished with the documentation procedure?

Questions to ask after week two

Your new employee(s) are starting to settle down and now is a good time to ask how well the onboarding process is working out for them.

6. Do you feel prepared to take on challenges?

7. Would you say you understand your KRAs effectively?

8. Are you receiving enough assistance to understand the work you are assigned?

9. Are your queries being answered to your satisfaction?

10. Are you getting along with your manager and teammates?

Questions to ask after three months

11. What do you think about the organization’s culture?

12. Do you have a fair understanding of how your work will be evaluated?

13. Do you feel your ideas and opinions are welcomed by your teammates?

14. Do you understand the organization’s goals?

15. Do you understand how your role contributes to the organization’s development?

What are the benefits of a new hire questionnaire?

Onboarding experience significantly varies from one organization to the other. Onboarding starts when a candidate accepts the offer of employment and becomes an employee of your organization. It is important that this process is taken seriously. Most organizations across the globe miss this first important step.

Once the new hire is on board, you will need to deploy a questionnaire at regular intervals to collect their feedback and responses related to the entire process. Here are a few benefits of a new hire questionnaire:

1. Increase in employee lifetime value: By successfully deploying a new hire questionnaire, you can increase an employee’s lifetime value. When a new hire joins your organization, their net output is negative towards the beginning, as he/she is yet to understand the complete work atmosphere and what is expected out of him/her. However, with an effective new hire questionnaire, you can achieve two things: first, you decrease the overall time it takes for the employee to fully contribute to the team and second, you have made the employee speed up to socialize.

2. Identify the gaps: You cannot effectively improve your recruiting or onboarding process without actually knowing what needs to be changed. Getting feedback from new hires will help you identify the gaps in terms of knowledge, training and development needs, and much more. While you may already have a standardized program it is important to keep working on customizing the program to remove any possible inconsistencies.

3. Improves the feedback process: By deploying a new hire questionnaire you essentially improve the employee feedback process, thereby improving levels of engagement of new employees. It is important that new hires feel they are being heard and the changes they have mentioned if applicable should be implemented to improve the bottom line of the organization.

4. Valuable data: You are sitting on a goldmine- employee data. This is the most powerful attribute of the questionnaire. Keep your questionnaire consistent year on year and compare the data thus obtained and pay close attention to the analytics, you as an organization may even be able to find answers to the questions you have been long struggling for.

5 Best practices for new hire questionnaire

When deploying the new hire questionnaire, you must understand you are going to receive a lot of data and you better put that into action, without which the entire purpose of deploying the questionnaire will be defeated. As you begin to deploy the survey to your new hires, here are the 5 best practices to keep in mind.

1. There is always a right time: There is always the right time to send a survey. So when is the right time? After a week, a month, quarterly or yearly? Regardless of when you decide to deploy the questionnaire just don’t let it be too late.

2. Keep it short: Survey fatigue is often considered as one of the primary reasons for survey dropouts. It is important you keep the length just right so your employees are not bored while filling it. Maximum participation is needed for good quality data.

3. Measure employee experience: Don’t forget why you are deploying the questionnaire in the first place, to register employee experience. You need to make sure your new hires are fitting into the organization quickly. Ultimately design your questionnaire keeping in mind the end result.

4. Don’t ask leading questions: Don’t ask questions that will lead your employees to respond in a certain manner. These types of questions are called leading questions. These questions may alter the employee’s response and the data collected may have biases.

5. Ask only relevant questions: Customizing your survey questions to suit your organizational needs will evoke a better response. Please don’t blindly copy questions that have very little worth for the organization, ask the right questions to get the right kind of response.

Benefits of using a new hire questionnaire software and tool

With QuestionPro Workforceyou can take a significant step towards conducting and improving your new hire questionnaire and onboarding processes.

You can use the online survey tool and platform to conduct online HR surveys, gather employee data, and analyze it to make informed employee-centric decisions. Here are the key four benefits of using an online new hire questionnaire or survey tool or software.

It is super easy and fast

The tool comes with readymade employee survey templates that you can use as they are for conducting surveys. You can either customize to include your questions or create entirely new ones from scratch. Both methods are quick and extremely user-friendly.

Let’s you customize your portal

The online HR survey tool lets you customize your surveys and the portal to resonate with your brand themes and colors. This comes in handy in branding and lending credibility to your employee questionnaires. Branded portals report a much higher response rate on their online surveys. You can some more benefits of having branded survey portals in this blog that we published recently.

You can assign role-based access

When it comes to online human resource surveys, maintaining anonymity and privacy is extremely crucial. Limiting access to data for some managers is necessary to protect sensitive data. QuestionPro Workforce lets you assign role-based access to your managers and employees. Why this is crucial and how it’s done is detailed in our recent people analytics blog.

It provides detailed analytics

Collating important organizational and HR-related data straight from the employees is the primary reason for conducting HR surveys. The information is genuine, candid, and honest. Online employee experience and workplace culture survey platforms provide real-time data with in-depth analytics, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve your employee processes.