DIY survey tools such as QuestionPro are fantastic at opening up survey research to small businesses, allowing you to gather the sort of customer insights you need to be successful. But as the novice DIY researcher, where do you start?
Follow these 5 tips every time you want to run a survey to ensure the customer insights you gather are the type and quality you need to answer your business questions.

Getting survey respondents isn’t easy; not to mention, once you have respondents, getting them to complete all of the questions and submit their responses to your surveys can be even tougher!
While sometimes it seems that nothing in the world—aside from financial incentives—could motivate respondents to complete your surveys, there is hope. Offering your respondents to exchange data with which they can connect may be the persuasive force for them to hit ‘Submit.’
The idea of “I want to know how my opinions compare to what others think” is a compelling one by nature—a mixture of personal curiosity and public speculation that drives an instinctive attitude in almost everyone.

Previously we spoke about Why Your Company Desperately Needs Customer Insight Software and how insight community management software can help companies by providing social support to customers that exceeds customer care services. We also have mentioned the importance of engagement and how to successfully build customer engagement as it will help to build trust, increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Innovative companies are always inventing, and reinventing, creative ways to use technology to advance their business while engaging their customers and furthering relationships with them. With the advancement of social media and online engagement tools, online communities are a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers that are focused on customer experience excellence. And smart businesses do understand the benefits of embracing their customers’

In today’s customer-centric business environment, understanding your customers, their needs, expectations, desires, creating meaningful long-term relationships with customers  has become critical to establishing a sustainable competitive edge. And the best way to achieve that is by collecting your customer insights, engaging customers. That you can do with customer insight tool. 
Customer Insight Tool
Contrary to what most of us may think, not many companies have a Customer Strategy in place, nevertheless, a Customer Insights Strategy which they could fulfill with customer insight tool.

The research game has changed. In the past, market research focused on collecting data and delivering information. Research still needs to collect data, but it needs to deliver insight. So, here are seven tips for creating insights.

Identify and clarify the ‘real’ question. Knowing the right question is half way to solving the problem….