Here are the latest bug fixes and enhancements as of 3/20:

IdeaScale email gateway stability improvements
QuestionPro FTP upload stability improvements
IdeaScale idea export includes a hyperlink back to the idea
Both custom variable formats now work in email invite: $(1) or $(custom1)

More info:

IdeaScale hyperlink idea:
QuestionPro FTP upload:
IdeaScale email gateway:
Custom Variables:…

When using a multiple choice question type with radio buttons, and you have many options for the user to choose from, it can get unwieldy to have one long list of answer options. To make the answer options display better for the respondent, you can enable your question to display in multiple columns. When editing a question, simply choose the number of columns that you would like to have your answers displayed (2 columns, 3 columns, etc)….

QuestionPro now includes the ability to allow the respondent to go back in the survey. This can be helpful when you’re not concerned with respondents changing their answers and are looking to ensure accuracy. To enable this feature, click on “Edit Survey”, “Display Options” and click the check box for “Enable Back Button”.
More Info:

Enable Back Button On Your Survey:

Edit Navigation Buttons:…

Going with the theme of simplifying user access to IdeaScale sites we’ve added another interface for users to post ideas – Email.
Every IdeaScale site you create has a unique email address associated with it. Each email sent to that email address will automatically be posted as an Idea….

We’re flattered to have our blog selected for both the Qualitative Research and the Market Research topics at If you haven’t heard of, check it out. The site, founded by Guy Kawasaki, is basically an aggregator that lists the top blogs/news sites in a particular category. Its a highly addictive site – you’ve been warned….

Here are the latest bug fixes for QuestionPro and IdeaScale:

QuestionPro – custom variables are updated in dynamic comment boxes properly
QuestionPro – multiple reports can be scheduled to run at the same time
QuestionPro – report scheduler stability improvements…